NewVoiceMedia creates jargon buster guide for the call centre industry

by | Jul 22, 2014 | Industry News, UC

Leading cloud contact centre vendor NewVoiceMedia has created a jargon buster guide to the call centre industry, as technological advancements have led to a congestion of new concepts and abbreviations.

According to Oxford Dictionaries Online, new words are coined and categorised on an almost daily basis – approximately 1,000 a year – with a variety of different origins and backgrounds.

In addition to slang words in popular culture like selfies, meme and emoji, there are also words and phrases that are specific to certain industries, making it an extremely difficult task keeping up when you find yourself confronted by an industry-specific word.

NewVoiceMedia is no stranger to this in the cloud call centre world since a great deal of the sector comprises of new technology arising periodically. More often than not, this new advancement in technology is shortly followed by brand new words, concepts and abbreviations for their potential customers to get their heads around.

In response to this, NewVoiceMedia has constructed an exhaustive jargon buster guide on call centre terminology with the sole purpose of educating those who want to be more knowledgeable of the industry.

The guide covers some of the more basic terms like ‘cloud computing’ and ‘ICT’ (Information and Communications Technology), to some of the more head-scratching terms like ‘IP-PBX’ (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) and ‘RAID’ (Redundant Array of Independent Disks).

So whether it’s a new concept you’re unsure of or an abbreviation you want to be clear on, the guide will ensure you won’t have your head in the clouds.

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