New Publication: CTEMS Industry Adoption Handbook

by | Nov 6, 2012 | UC

Fixed & Mobile Telecom Management Industry Standards Adoption Trends

INDIANAPOLIS, IN–(Marketwire – Nov 5, 2012) – The Center for Telecom Environment Management Standards (CTEMS) today released the first annual CTEMS Industry Adoption Handbook, detailing fixed and mobile telecom management adoption trends as identified by CTEMS members throughout 2012.

The CTEMS Industry Adoption Handbook will serve as a guide to enterprises throughout 2013 to evaluate alignment with fixed and mobile telecom management practices. The Handbook will also aid suppliers in the identification of market opportunities to address enterprise requirements.

Detailing adoption trends for management activities and activity components, the Handbook identifies standards adoption rates for nearly 200 essential fixed and mobile telecom management program elements.

In addition to identifying activities that have achieved standards status, the Handbook reveals a surprising lack of adoption for many activities including, but not limited to, security and risk management practices, policy and governance practices and help desk management practices.

The CTEMS Industry Adoption Handbook also uncovers and details 10 significant industry trends that defined the industry in 2012, which includes ‘Most Critical Drivers for Enterprise Globalization of TEM / WMM,Mobile Device Strategy: Corporate vs. Employee Liable Industry Profile’ and ‘Enterprise BYOD User Reimbursement Methods & Amount.’

“Collaboration of CTEMS members over the past year has been tremendous,” said Timothy C. Colwell, Executive Director of CTEMS®. “Identification of fixed and mobile telecom management practice adoption has enabled CTEMS® to establish the industry baseline from which standards are measured.”

The CTEMS Industry Adoption Handbook is available exclusively in AOTMP’s Telecom Management Information Portal, the fixed and mobile management industry’s most comprehensive collection of tools, research and resources. For more information, please visit AOTMP’s website,

To receive a copy of the CTEMS Industry Adoption Handbook Summary, please visit the CTEMS website,

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