NACR Deploys Ingate E-SBC for Large-Scale Call Center SIP Trunk Installation

by | Mar 4, 2013 | UC

InGate logonacr logoSTOCKHOLM – March 4, 2013 – Solutions integrator NACR has deployed an Enterprise Session Border Controller (E-SBC) from Ingate® Systems for a large-scale call center installation. The Ingate replaced an existing E-SBC in order to successfully handle the high call volume required by the customer.

NACR deployed an Ingate SIParator™ 95, a high-performance, high-capacity E-SBC that enables secure SIP communication such as SIP trunking and all Unified Communications applications beyond the enterprise network. The SIParator 95 can handle up to 1,800 concurrent voice calls and supports 50 call setups per second.

The customer was using a heavy-duty dialer application that processes collection calls using SIP trunking. While initially the customer had needed to process only a limited amount of SIP trunks, that need soon changed and the customer required the ability to initiate 30 calls per second or more. The existing E-SBC, which was limited to 15 calls per second, was unable to take on the larger load and call denials were sent back to the dialer, which redialed the same number. The result was an increase in total call volume with reduced call throughput

“The customer required a solution ASAP to accommodate the significant increase in call volume,” said Tom Roel, Pre-Sales Convergence Engineer, NACR. “We surveyed the competitive landscape and found that Ingate offered the only cost-effective E-SBC that would commit to the call setup rate. Adding the Ingate was a simple process.  The customer loves the ease of administration; the product and the Ingate team are great to work with.”

The Ingate SIParator’s SIP Proxy provided protocol normalization and also TCP to UDP conversion, which allows for the secure, reliable transmission of data. Ingate also applies advanced security features to provide enterprise-class security for all SIP trunk traffic.

“Ingate E-SBCs enable SIP trunking quickly, easily and cost-effectively,” said Steven Johnson, President, Ingate Systems. “We are thrilled to work with NACR in enabling SIP trunk installations that meet every customer’s needs.”

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