Migrations- which one is right for you?

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What are service migrations?

Migrations are the movement of data from one place to another- or between operating systems, weather it is to or from the cloud, or from one offline database to another. The process of migrations can involve updating your business’ hardware or software packages, ensuring the system you are using is working to its optimum, or putting a whole new system in place to replace the old system. Migrations can be performed by Velez on a large or small scale, depending on the amount of data that needs to be migrated.

Choosing the migration service that is fit for you can be difficult. At Velez, we offer many different migration services, meaning we have something fit for any business. The service you require depends on the needs of your business. Migrations can be required for multiple reasons, for example, if there is a problem with your database, or you’d like to move to a collocation. We provide migration services to small and large businesses, as we have something for everyone. So, which is for your business?

Which migration service is right for you?

Database Migrations

Database migrations are popular with all sizes of businesses, as it involves moving organized data from one database to another, or from a database to the cloud. This can mean moving a large amount of data at once, meaning security measures -such as the software used, converting data, etc- must be put in place. At Velez, we sometimes write a program to convert the data to be readable by both databases, therefore the data can be moved safely and none of it is lost. This is in the case that data is organized differently and therefore can be read by the old database, but not by the new one, meaning large amounts of data can be loss during transmission.

Data Migrations

If you have a smaller business or organisation, this could be a solution fit for you. Data migration is the movement of data between storage systems, a format, or a computer system, meaning it can be on a smaller scale.  At Velez, we organize the data and move it to where is best for you. This could be due to data storage systems or equipment being updated or moved, conduct server maintenance, website consolidation, or relocating a data centre. However, this doesn’t mean Data Migrations aren’t fir for large businesses, as we have a team trained to move any amount of data to any new storage system in a securely and quickly.

Application Migrations

 Application Migrations are the process of moving application programmes or software that make up your business’ IT infrastructure or network to another environment. Our Velez team can migrate data or software from a server to the cloud, or from public to private cloud environment, for example from an on-premises enterprise to a cloud provider’s location. As technology become more advanced and businesses expand, it is obvious that there will be a natural growth in the amount of data needed to be stored. This means many people are moving their application systems to the cloud. A middleware product may be needed by our team to provide a link between the two applications, allowing data to be passed across securely during the process.

Cloud Migrations

Possibly the most popular migration service, Cloud Migrations involve moving data to or from the cloud. With most companies having data stored in the cloud, it is proven a safe, efficient, cost-effective, and reliable online storage space for your data. However, many companies feel it is unreliable, as there is not a lot of information on where our data goes when it is stored in the cloud. If you are ever worried about our cloud migration services, you can contact one of our helpdesks. To find out more about cloud services and how they are safe, read our blog on Cloud Migrations . We can perform migrations from an onsite server to the cloud, or from one place in the cloud to another. A cloud integration tool may be used, which is used in cloud computing to allow integration of lots of data across the cloud at once, for example, Azure Service Bus and SnapLogic. We always consider measures such as security, privacy, interoperability and data integrity.

Software Migrations

Your business will have software different to anyone else, meaning software migration is a service that is unique to you. Software migration involves moving the software and programmes that your company uses to operate its devices and computers over to a new operating system that’s upgraded to store it all. Our Velez team and fully equipped to ensure your software is safe and in a location that is updated, meaning it won’t crash and the software isn’t at risk of being lost, meaning the data is safe. Your business’ security is our priority.

System Migrations

System migrations are usually a larger project than software migrations, as they are the movement of a computer’s entire operating systems, data, and software over to a different operating platform. System migrations are large decisions and can happen for a number of reasons, for example, wanting to move to the cloud for backup or to a different operating system for more space. This process can happen in 3 ways: physical to virtual, virtual to virtual, or virtual to physical.

Physical to Virtual- The movement of data, operating systems, or application programmes from a computer’s hard disk to a virtual machine, the cloud, or disk partition. This could be moving data from an on-site server to the cloud.

Virtual to Virtual- This process involves migrating operating systems, data or application programmes within the cloud or from one virtual machine to another. This could be moving data from a private to public cloud, or public to private.

Virtual to Physical- This service is the movement of data, operating systems or application programmes from a virtual machine, the cloud or disk partition to the computers main hard disk. This could be moving data from the cloud back to an on-site server.

Why migrating data is for you

Data migrations are becoming more popular by the minute as businesses have more data to store as they expand. It is essential to choose a storage system fit for your business, just as it is important to migrate the data to a new system securely. Data can be easily lost during a data migration, which is why Velez the software Azure Service Bus or SnapLogic for migrations, to ensure your security, privacy, interoperability, data integrity, and business continuity is a priority.

There are many benefits to migrating data, other than the obvious “you can expand your storage space”. With migrations of data with Velez, we ensure the place you store your data is updated and working to its optimum, meaning there are less defects. If migrating to the cloud like most, you can experience shared storage, scalability, working collaboratively from anywhere and disaster recovery, as your data is backed up. When migrating to an on-site/ offline server, you can save money, if you only have a small amount of data to store.

All data migration solutions have benefits, and there is something for everyone. Ensure you make the most of our data migration services by contacting our Velez team at velezmanagedservices.com,
+44 (0) 20 3916 5004 or info@velezmanagedservices.com.

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