Mida eFramework is now UCS Platform Ready!

by | Oct 16, 2013 | IT, UC

Mida eFramework, the Cisco Compatible suite available in the Cisco Solution Catalog, is now UCS Platform Ready! 

Mida Solutions LogoMida eFramework, the most complete suite of added value service for UC is now UCS Platform Ready. Joining the new Cisco Developer Network (CDN) UCS Platform Ready Program is a way to certify the compatibility of Mida Solutions products  with the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) Platform.

The UCS Platform Ready Program (“UCS PRP”) is part of the CDN and is designed to encourage and facilitate developer success on Cisco’s UCS platform. UCS is based on a data center architecture under which servers are integrated or unified with support network and storage infrastructure.

Mida eFramework, the most complete suite of value  suite includes many applications: Billing, Web Attendant Console based on Cisco Jabber, CallArchiving for Cisco MediaSense, Video and Voice services, Apps for Cisco devices such as the new Cisco DX650 and more.

You can discover all applications included in the eFramework Suite in the Cisco Solution Catalog

More at www.midasolutions.com

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