MG Contributes to Another Successful R2 Certification Achievement

by | Nov 22, 2023 | Industry News, ITAD, Member News

MG Environmental Consulting is dedicated to participating in initiatives aimed at promoting a clean and safe environment. Their recent achievement includes a successful partnership with RBD Electronics, resulting in the attainment of R2 certification.

The most recent version, R2v3, emphasizes the importance of promoting reuse and ensuring data protection. It introduces enhanced data security protocols and improved controls for testing, repairing, and reusing operations. These measures are designed to guarantee the utmost quality and efficiency in these processes, prioritizing the safety and integrity of data.

For over a decade, MG Environmental Consulting has been deeply involved in the R2V3/ISO consulting domain. Committed to assisting ITAD clients, the company emphasizes secure and responsible electronics recycling practices, aligning with sustainable initiatives. Their core principles are closely harmonized with the values embedded in R2 and ISO standards. The company diligently guides clients to uphold these principles by providing comprehensive consulting services. These services encompass various standards, including e-waste management, data destruction, quality assurance, environmental practices, safety protocols, and security measures.

This successful venture further strengthens the partnership between MG and RBD. Established in 1982, RBD Electronics has been a stalwart in the electronic industry, specializing in refurbishment, recycling, repurposing, Asset Management, and IT Disposition. Their contribution to addressing electronic waste pollution is noteworthy, while their focus remains on optimizing Return on Investment (R.O.I.) for companies requiring cutting-edge technology.

Puneet Gupta, the founder of MG Environmental Consulting, expresses the company’s mission to assist numerous clients utilizing the team’s robust technical expertise, commitment, and dedication.


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