Meet Genesis and Nemesis from Ultratest, Podcast

by | Jan 19, 2024 | Blog, Member News, Podcast

“Our aim is to get it back to grade A 100% health. And that’s as it left the manufacturer OEM at its original point of sale. And that’s Genesis. That’s Genesis in a nutshell,” says Thomas Gardner of Ultratest, a Restore Technology Company. In this podcast, we learn that Ultratest offers two product families: Genesis and Nemesis.

Ultratest is a member of the ASCDI, the ITAD Association. The company is based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in the U.K. Gardner tells us that the company offers a combination of hardware and software solution, predominantly aimed at the erasure test and repair of hard drives and SSDs. Ultratest aims its offerings at ITADs, third-party logistics, and reverse logistics. We learn how Genesis and Nemesis can help them not only erase data but make other milestones. With Genesis, a used hard drive, perhaps obtained for $20, can be brought back to a top condition where it can be sold for $40.

Nemesis is like Genesis, a software and hardware solution. Nemesis is used on routers, switches, firewalls, access points, and other hardware coming out of data center. According to Gardner, Nemesis answers an on-going challenge, with equipment going back into use, not completely cleared of old, and sensitive data.

The MSP and channel communities encounter gear in these categories, every day. Instead of shredding old drives and seeing them off to landfill, drives can be put back into use. Recycled products can help match public and private goals.

“We are attending a few events this year. We’ll be at the Broker Bin meeting in London in May. We signed up for the ITAD Summit in Miami, finishing off a year with the European Broker meeting in October,” adds Garner.  We’ll be attending all those shows. We’ll be bringing our machines with us, both Genesis and Nemesis, to showcase our offerings. We’d love to meet you there.”


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