ME Global, Inc. Selects IntelliChief Document Management and Goes Paperless in Accounts Payable

by | Oct 9, 2012 | IT

Leading wear parts supplier to the mining industry, ME Global, Inc., selects IntelliChief Document Management -– solution will be seamlessly integrated with their custom in-house ERP

Mansfield, MA (PRWEB) October 09, 2012 – IntelliChief LLC, the leading provider of Paperless solutions for the IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400) and Power Enterprise, today announced that ME Global, Inc. has selected IntelliChief to raise efficiency across department operations, starting with their purchase-to-pay procedure.

ME Global, the leading provider of wear parts to the mining industry, is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, with plants in Duluth, MN, Tempe, AZ, and Chile. They also have office locations in Canada, Mexico, South America, Africa, Europe, India, Asia, and Australia. As the world’s largest transporter of ethylene glycol (EG) and a leading manufacturer of EG, ME Global offers excellent supply logistics and multiple sourcing around the world.

IntelliChief document management products for the foundry and die casting industry allow users to streamline their processes while eliminating paper. In Accounts Payable specifically, ME Global will gain the ability to …

  • Electronically capture information from invoices that come into the AP workflow (scan paper, import e-invoices).
  •  Automatically match PO invoices against a PO in the ERP system.
  •  Streamline 3-way matching with rules that will keep documents in Workflow until their corresponding documents arrive.
  •  Access customer orders, payment history, vendor files, and all mission-critical documents electronically.
  •  More closely monitor billing discrepancies/overpayments and eliminate duplicate payments
  •  Scan emailed or automatically capture faxed invoices and route them automatically to the right person or department for approval

ME Global’s solution will consist of IntelliChief, Workflow, Formtastic™ forms, checks, labels, formatter, e-mail gateway, and IntelliChief Capture Plus. ME Global plans to implement the Purchase-to-Pay process first, but is already thinking of other areas of the business that they want to eliminate paper using IntelliChief.

Through the elimination of paper and the automation of processes, ME Global Inc. can expect a return on investment for IntelliChief in less than 12 months. While IntelliChief improves operational efficiency, and can reduce or even eliminate paper, toner, and storage costs, it also stores and protects critical documents from disaster by backing them up in its repository. IntelliChief allows for companies to transform cumbersome manual processes into pure paperless environments.

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