End Users who wish to purchase used Sun Equipment must first obtain the Solaris Operating system from Sun.  

ONLY Solaris 10 is available for free on the Sun web site. This, however, does not include fixes, updates, patches etc. These patches fixes and updates are only available on a subscription basis directly from Sun.

Solaris 8 and Solaris 9 are still governed by the Sun April 27, 2004 announcement which imposes a charge for Solaris 8 or Solaris 9.

faq_icon_link SUN’s Software License Agreement-July 25, 2006
faq_icon_link Software Release Definitions and Entitlements for Solaris OS
pdf-icon-transparent-background2 Sun’s Grey and Secondary Market Update

We recommend that dealers put the following statement on all invoices for Sun Equipment:

“Only Sun Microsystems is authorized to distribute a Solaris license.  We do not have the right to distribute Solaris software with this system.  As the final user of this system you must obtain a legal Solaris license. We have stripped the Solaris Operating System from this system.”

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pdf-icon-transparent-background2ASCDI FILES COMPLAINT AGAINST ORACLE with Federal Trade Commission 7/19/2011
pdf-icon-transparent-background2Oracle complaint against M-Tech Data
pdf-icon-transparent-background2M-Tech Data Press Release 8/24/2010
pdf-icon-transparent-background2M-Tech Data Press Release (long version) 8/24/2010
 faq_icon_linkOracle Press Releases

Sun announces Oracle Premier Support Services

Effective March 16, 2010 SunSpectrum service was End of Life.

The new replacement service from Oracle is “Oracle Premier Support” –

The new service offerings are:

  • Premier Support for Systems – this replaces the Sun hardware service agreements. 
  • Premier Support for Operating Systems – this replaces the Sun OS (Solaris) service agreements. 
  • Premier Support for Software – this replaces all of the individual services for non-OS software. 
  • Advanced Customer Services for Systems – this replaces other services like installation, recertification, professional services, etc. 

There is ONLY ONE level of service offered – 7x24x2 (7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 2 hour response).
You must be within a 25 mile radius of Oracle’s service area to receive this service. Anything outside will receive a (undefined) lesser service.

Standardized pricing for the new services:

  • Premier Support for Systems – 12% of the net system purchase price. 
  • Premier Support for Operating Systems – 8% of the net system purchase price.
  • Premier Support for Software – 22% of the net software license price. 

 The new pricing is in effect from April 16, 2010.

Renewals will be available at the same price currently being paid, for an additional 1 year term only, at which time they will move to the new pricing structure.

Warranty will now be for 1 year only and will be delivered 5×9 (5 days a week, 9 hours a day) Monday thru Friday. Current response times are 2 days. Uplifts are available.

Further announcements will be forthcoming from Oracle/Sun.

Joe Marion


Sun Microsystems change in Solaris removes discounts for customers

ASCDI Tech Services and Sun Committees

November 2009

Sun Microsystems recently announced a discount category change for Solaris Subscriptions (Basic, Standard and Premium) from Category K to Category D. (NON DISCOUNTABLE). This change is effective 12/12/2009.

This means that any end-user who does not require hardware maintenance from Sun, but still needs to have a software maintenance contract in place, will not receive any discounts that previously would have been available for the software only support. 
There are several scenario’s where a end-user may opt to only have the software support provided by Sun:

  1. The end-user may self maintain the hardware. 
  2. The end-user may have sufficient hardware redundancy to forego a maintenance contract. 
  3. The end-user may elect to contract with a Third Party for cost benefits, improved performance, or other reason.

Regardless of how the end-user supports their Sun hardware, the end-user is severely restricted and may be forced to use Sun for both Hardware and Software maintenance, in order to obtain discounts previously available. This is in essence forcing the bundling of Hardware and Software from Sun, for products that were previously available as separate offerings.

After December 13th, the end-user will need to purchase their Solaris Software Support from Sun’s web site ( in place of purchasing their support via a Sun Reseller. 

We recommend that all ASCDI Members inform their Sun end-users of this change and their options open to them. 

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