London School of Marketing releases new whitepaper following the rise of transmedia and its inevitable impact on the marketing world

by | Apr 25, 2014 | Industry News

London, England: 23 April,2014 London School of Marketing (LSM), a leading institution offering accredited marketing and business qualifications in the heart of London, has released its latest whitepaper titled The Role of Branded Content in an Evolving Transmedia World.

“Transmedia was a term made popular by author and scholar Henry Jenkins in 2006. Today, it describes a trend that is quickly transforming the way marketers produce and distribute branded content,” stated its author, Marcie MacLellan. “The focus now is on building connections. With transmedia, each medium that your audience interacts with should serve a very specific purpose, while allowing your story to unfold like chapters in a book.  And like a good book, more of the narrative of the story is shared over time, allowing for a deeper connection.”

The paper asserts that consumers today are proactively deciding what advertising they will respond to and how. To reach them, businesses need to tell brand stories that target audiences want to hear again and again. Fortunately, a transmedia approach supported by quality content allows brands to tell engaging stories, with more innovative and personalised tools now available to deliver them.

“We have been communicating with email, blogs, white papers, ebooks, social media, webinars and more recently films – but we have been doing it from our perspective,” said Anton Dominique, COO/CFO of London School of Marketing. “What we want to do now is use our marketing efforts to better engage and represent the viewpoint of our different audiences, from international students to experienced professionals pursuing their MBAs. In short, we are new to transmedia but are big believers in what it can do.”

Like Dominique, marketing professionals know that as the world of the consumer changes, so too must their marketing approaches, hence the current hype behind transmedia. This paper introduces the concept of transmedia, discusses its key concepts and principles, and predicts its impact on the marketing industry at large.

To download the free whitepaper, please click here

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