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Storage Switzerland Report Explains How ViSX is a Great Alternative to Server-Side Flash for Mid-Sized Businesses to Boost Critical Application Performance

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – October 21, 2013 – Astute Networks,Inc., the leading provider of Networked Flashappliances,  today announced that leading analyst firm, Storage Switzerland, has recognized the Astute ViSX G4 Performance Storage Appliance as an easy to implement “plug and play” solution for virtual server environments. The Storage Switzerland research note, “All-flash Appliance for Mid-market Compliments Existing Storage,” written by Eric Slack, senior analyst at Storage Switzerland, states that the ViSX appliance is designed to go in easily and complement the existing storage infrastructure to boost critical application performance.

Every flash-based storage system offers clear and significant performance benefits over the traditional hard disk drive (HDD) based storage systems typically found in SAN and NAS devices. The challenge is obtaining the full performance benefits of flash in a cost-effective way that is truly sharable over standard low cost Ethernet-based networks.

“ViSX is ideal for virtual server environments where flash is needed to address the ‘I/O blender’ problem, but more capacity is required than can be provided by server-side solutions,” said Eric Slack in the briefing note. “By leveraging iSCSI, Astute has made ViSX a ‘plug and play’ solution, one that’s easier to actually implement and use. And by integrating the TCP offload engine, users will be impressed with the performance it can deliver.”

The ViSX Performance Storage Appliances are designed to accommodate highly random I/O workloads as well as provide the ability for a company to scale out and up with ease as performance and capacity requirements increase by simply adding additional SSD modules to the chassis or by adding additional 2 EIA Rack unit G4 appliances. Each ViSX scales to 140,000 sustained random IOPS and can be clustered together to scale in excess of one million sustained random IOPS configured either as one large datastore or multiple independent datastores.

ViSX was designed to be non-disruptively deployed as an additional performance tier to complement existing SAN or NAS environments; not a rip and replace or forklift upgrade solution. IT system administrators will see ViSX as an iSCSI target on the network, which is easily provisioned and managed via the VMware vCenter Plugin tab or through the ViSX FlashWRX™ GUI for non-VMware environments. To increase overall application performance, simply move the most frequently accessed applications or virtual machine datastores to experience dramatic higher performance in minutes.

“Mid-sized enterprises are under constant pressure to ensure that end-users are satisfied with the performance of their applications and the virtual and physical infrastructure that underpins them,” said Mike Schmitt, director of marketing of Astute Networks. “Astute breaks application performance barriers by resolving critical I/O bottlenecks with the ViSX family of networked flash solutions. Based on its patented 10GbE Data Pump Engine™ and Networked Flash™ architecture, ViSX gives IT managers a simple to deploy storage I/O acceleration appliance that boosts Tier 1 application and VDI performance by up to 10X.”

To download the complete Storage Switzerland briefing note, please visit: http://www.astutenetworks.com/all-flash-appliance-for-mid-market-compliments-existing-storage/

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