The ASCDI has assumed a leadership role in several coalitions in order to broaden the support of issues important to our members.

Right to Repair

The ASCDI believes that consumers, product owners, and independent professionals must have the right to repair, resell, and reuse their products. As a member of the Right to Repair coalition, we advocate for a competitive repair market, as well as improvements to the quality and longevity of products. We believe that manuals and software updates should move from owner to owner freely and that parts and tools should be made available on a non-discriminatory basis.  We urge you to support  We do!

Free ICT Europe

As an international trade organization, the ASCDI believes that the rights to resell and service products are rights that should be granted to end-users and independent companies worldwide. To that end we are proud supporters of the coalition known as Free ICT Europe.   The FREE ICT EUROPE FOUNDATION aims to bring together the independent Enterprise ICT aftermarket operators under the banner of “Freedom to Support, Repair and Resell”.


Founded in 2017, OBADA is a coalition of over 100 organizations that provided asset disposition services for end-of-life electronics. The goal is to provide cryptographic PROOF when device data is destroyed and when devices are properly recycled.


KEEP is an innovation project led by Chalmers Industriteknik aiming to create a traceability solution for electronic products. The 14 project partners are working together towards a future with sustainable production, increased re-use, and recycling.

Owner’s Rights Initative

ASCDI, along with eBay, Etsy, Goodwill Industries, the American Library Association were a founding members of the Owners’ Rights Initiative (ORI); a diverse coalition of businesses, associations and organizations that joined together to protect ownership rights worldwide.  We believe in the fundamental premise that if you bought it, you own it, and you should have the right to sell, lend or give away your personal property.

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