K&P Urges Green IT and Greener IT, ASCDI Podcast

by | Aug 18, 2022 | Blog, Member News, Podcast

Green IT is more than one thing. Green IT is really a whole way of looking at the entire lifecycle for single piece of equipment, from manufacturing to recycling. Green IT is about process, people, products, and places. It means taking a wholistic approach to IT asset management, to IT people and to IT services. What will it take to get more for a unit of energy, and what will it take deliver an hour of labor. If some of this sounds abstract, Florian Pitten, International Business Development Manager with K&P Computer, draws in the missing lines to give us a big picture view of how Green IT matters to dealers, resellers, end users, enterprises and to the public at large It’s the right thing to do, but it’s also a path to better growth and better margins. Pitten cautions that simply pushing all to the cloud can create limited visibility to the company’s real impact. With over 30,000 products on hand, ready to ship, K&P combines the services of the traditional secondary market with in-house testing, refurbishment, and reseller services, logistics all with a Green IT strategy in mind.

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