Qualify and Join

Not everyone qualifies for membership in the ASCDI. Some organizations in our industry will accept anyone who pays. We are much more selective. We require a recommendation from an existing member and an approval vote from our entire membership. As a result you will only find the best of the best at the ASCDI. Is that you?

We ask for 3 references from our existing member companies and a track record of ethical behavior.

The end result is that you know when you deal with a company that carries the ASCDI Logo, you are dealing with a quality firm.

We are a worldwide association representing companies that provide business solutions, technical support and value added services.

We promote and enforce high ethical standards of business conduct within the industry, represent and promote its members to end users, manufacturers, government agencies and the media. And provide forums which promote the exchange of industry ideas among the membership and industry suppliers.

We have different levels of dues ranging from $1296 to $16,400 a year. These amounts may be paid monthly.  While all companies can join for $1296 a year, the higher levels of dues have some added benefits that you may be interested in.  For more details, please go here.

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