Jenne Marketing Pro Web Portal Achieving Results for Jenne’s Value Added Resellers

by | Nov 19, 2014 | IT

AVON, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jenne, Inc., a value added distributor of IP telephony, audio and video conferencing, unified communications, data networking and security and surveillance products, has added a number of enhancements to its Jenne Marketing Pro (JMP) web portal since launching the marketing tool in October 2013. Among the new additions to assist Jenne’s value added resellers with their marketing efforts are custom links and expanded reporting capabilities.

Jenne Marketing Pro’s Custom Link Email Campaigns provide the reseller with the ability to determine where to direct their prospects for more information on the product or solution, adding an additional feature that resellers can customize with their company information. Additionally, Jenne Marketing Pro has expanded the available metrics on reports to reflect how many times the prospect has responded, date and time stamps of when they responded and even tracking link clicks within some of the campaigns.

Working with and on behalf of the manufacturers whose products Jenne distributes, Jenne has created turnkey marketing campaigns which resellers can quickly and easily customize with their logo and contact information. Data lists can be uploaded into JMP or a reseller can choose to shop for and purchase a list through the portal.

Once a reseller has customized the campaign, they can proceed to checkout and the campaign is executed on their behalf. Reports are accessible by the reseller in real-time so they can check the status of their campaign, including open rates, click-throughs and opt-outs for email and pURL campaigns.

The pURL campaigns offered through Jenne Marketing Pro are powerful tools that allow resellers to reach specific customers or prospects with a message that is designed to be highly customized and targeted. Each piece of the campaign is personalized, including a call-to-action incentive that drives the prospect to a web address which is personalized with their name.

Email campaigns through Jenne Marketing Pro also are targeted to reach customers and prospects with a customized message. Whether a reseller wants to focus on a new service or an innovative new product, an email campaign through Jenne Marketing Pro is a powerful way to generate leads and reach existing customers.

In the 12 months since Jenne launched Jenne Marketing Pro, resellers have seen results:

  • Average open rates for emails across all campaigns are about 20 percent, which is 10-15 points higher than average marketing email open rates.
  • Opt out rates are below 2 percent across all campaigns on the site.

Jenne Marketing Pro has more than 60 campaigns available on the portal representing over 15 of Jenne’s top manufacturing partners, including Avaya, ADTRAN, Digium, Extreme Networks, Jabra, Konftel, Lifesize, Mitel, Panasonic, Plantronics, Spectralink and VTech. Jenne continues to create and add campaigns to JMP on a monthly basis focused on its manufacturer’s products and solutions.

Bruce Kane of CMC Technology Group is just one example of a Jenne Value Added Reseller who has experienced the benefits of Jenne Marketing Pro.

“One of the things that I really appreciated from the Jenne program is they put together a great email piece, helped us clean up our list, sent out the email blast for us, and provided us the analytics which is so important in the follow up of an email campaign,” Kane said. “A small company such as ours would be challenged to put out a promotion of a quality that customers normally expect from a manufacturer. We saw immediate results. Within 2 days of the drop, we had one sale and we are looking forward to closing a second deal next month.”

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Commenting on Jenne Marketing Pro’s results, Dean Jenne, President, Sales and Marketing said: “Jenne is very pleased with the results we have seen through Jenne Marketing Pro. Our marketing portal is designed to provide even more value for our resellers through an increase in generated leads resulting in sales, and our resellers have repeatedly told us that is what is important to them.”

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