Jenne, Inc. Helps Interactive Capture Systems (ICS) Benefit From Dodd-Frank Act, Employing the NICE Systems NRX Call Center Solution

by | Aug 20, 2012 | UC

Jenne’s Support, Multi-Product Expertise and Peer Relationships Help VARs and Integrators Like ICS Capitalize on New Compliance Requirements and Market Developments

AVON, OH–(Marketwire – Aug 20, 2012) – Leading value-added IP telephony distributor Jenne, Inc. routinely helps its VARs seize new opportunities by offering amenities such as favorable credit options, cross-category product offerings and partnership programs. Recently, Hamilton, NJ-based Interactive Capture Systems (ICS) leveraged Jenne’s relationship with NICE Systems to capitalize on several recent market dynamics and compliance requirements — among these, the stringent new regulations of the Dodd-Frank Act and its impact on the Contact Center and the SMB community’s continued search for greater ROI to combat a generally uncooperative economy.

Jenne, Inc. added NICE to its portfolio early in 2012, shortly after the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was enacted, mandating tighter regulations for the finance industry. This legislation has required commercial Contact Centers to meet rigorous new standards in the documentation of voice communications, which the market has in turn already begun adopting. The NRX (NICE Recording eXpress) solution is a scalable voice logging system that intuitively captures, manages and processes calls for SMB Contact Centers over multiple branch locations. It has Dodd-Frank compliance built-in and is a cost-effective solution for Contact Center environments from five to 500 seats.

Working with Jenne, ICS President Ken Kiernan spotted an opportunity with NICE in light of the new compliance requirements, and implemented a Call Center sales strategy centered on the NRX to help its end-user customers meet the new mandates. The integrator, which has served a variety of vertical markets for close to 35 years and which boasts 50 years of collective telephony experience among its executives, has mastered the NICE product line and consistently relies on Jenne for its distribution requirements.

“Compliance is an important issue for our customers and it’s creating a whole new market pull for this kind of product,” says Kiernan. “But helping give companies a path toward differentiating themselves through better customer service is a game changer and a huge selling point for NICE solutions.”

ICS noticed that its customers began investing more in Contact Center upgrades — particularly in the SMB space — when the economy began to falter approximately two years ago. According to Kiernan, these companies began searching for higher-ROI infrastructures to help them enhance customer service while keeping costs in check. “More effective customer service agents means happier customers and sustained business growth,” said Kiernan. “This idea was especially strong as the economy was contracting.”

Jenne helped ICS take advantage of these growing opportunities over the past five years, partly by keeping credit lines open and offering favorable terms; this helped ICS gain footing to win projects as new opportunities emerged.

Kiernan also has leveraged its distribution relationship with Jenne as a one-stop shop for turn-key sales. “Sometimes a customer wants a Contact Center product but also needs a server. In these cases, I can win a larger job and consolidate my purchases through Jenne. We increase our profits but the overall process remains easier to track and manage,” said Kiernan. “Jenne’s team is very knowledgeable and accessible, and we talk with them on a weekly basis. They can help us with those more complex, multi-product solutions.”

The symbiotic relationship between ICS and Jenne extends to lead generation, where the distributor helps pair the integrator with other solution providers seeking Contact Center expertise. A third-party Jenne reseller will supply the product, and ICS then provides integration or support services. In this way, Jenne helps broker an end-customer relationship that ICS wouldn’t have had before.

“Whether it’s legislation requirements or new market dynamics, there will always be events that have a potential impact on solution sales,” commented Vince Piccolomini, vice president of business development at Jenne. “It’s our job to make sure our customers have the tools they need to quickly take advantage of market opportunities as they emerge. In the case of ICS, we are happy to help them build new opportunities while sourcing best of breed Contact Center solutions from NICE Systems.”

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