New ASCDI powered site offers one-stop shop to find ITAD accredited resources

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New site showcases ASCDI members who have achieved ITAD certification

disposITion Summit – October 14, 2020 – The Association of Service and Computer Dealers (ASCDI), a leading alliance of IT and UC companies, is announcing today at it’s virtual disposITion summit, which starts at 11:00 AM eastern US time today, the launching of a new service for enterprises looking for Information Technology Asset Disposition service providers (ITAD). The ASCDI has launched a website,, where enterprises can find ASCDI members who have who have achieved ITAD accreditation, all in one place.

Today, enterprises are looking more and more for suppliers who can perform services such as data wiping, refurbishment, secure logistics and recycling services. Companies who have embraced and offer those services are known as Information Technology Asset Disposition servicing firms (ITAD).

There are several accreditation/standard bodies including ADISA, R2, RIOS and e-Stewards that have put in place procedures and audits that govern what an ITAD service provider should and should not do to be considered and ITAD. The new site,, identifies companies who are ITAD accredited and governed by the ASCDI Code of Ethics as ASCDI members.

“For almost fifty years, the ASCDI has stood for setting industry standards,” said ASCDI President Joe Marion. “As we live through the era of digital transformation, the proper disposition of IT equipment is more important than ever,” Marion added. Historically, the ASCDI Code of Ethics has set a strong standard which governs how ASCDI members interface with their customers. With the evolution of new environmental and data privacy laws, ITAD represents a critical standard for both buyers and sellers in IT markets. ASCDI’s new online service will pull these two standards together in one place.

“Offering a site that offers customers a choice between companies who have all achieved two industry standards, by becoming ITAD certified, and by being elected by peer companies into ASCDI membership, is in keeping with the ASCDI commitment to offering the market choice and standards, at the same time,” said Marion.

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The ASCDI is an international alliance of IT companies that have come together to support industry best practices, and the facilitation of a market with robust customer choice and competition. In addition to maintaining a long-respected industry ethics process, the ASCDI lobbies public officials to maintain customer rights to own, repair, buy and sell products and services as needed. Find out more about ASCDI at

You can find out more and register for the 2 day disposITion summit at

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