IQ Reseller enables ITADs achieve growth, better customer service, Podcast

by | Jul 19, 2022 | Blog, ITAD, Member News, Podcast

“We are always reinventing,” says John Spagnuolo of IQ Reseller. According to Spagnuolo “IQ Reseller is most complete ERP for ITADs.” In this special ASCDI and TR Podcast, we learn how IQ Reseller offers the software basis for running a modern ITAD. A system that is customized to the very specialized needs of a business that must carefully track a chain of custody, must keep very accurate work records and many more very comprehensive asset management activities, all while not pushing the costs of maintaining that control to a level where margins disappear in a margin thin industry. We also learn how the IQ Reseller ERP, enterprise resource planning, is critical in meeting customer expectations. “We understand your needs,” adds Spagnuolo, noting that with IQ Reseller, you’re benefiting from years of experiences and thousands of transactions. As we enter a challenging economic environment, ITADs will become even more vital to the wider IT community, and a purpose-built ERP, more critical.



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