IOVOX Unveils Global Channel Program

by | Mar 16, 2016 | Industry News

New affiliate program increases customer engagement and revenue opportunities for channel partners selling communication services

IOVOX logoLas Vegas – Channel Partners Conference & Expo – March 16, 2016 IOVOX, a global provider of call analytics, today unveiled its affiliate program which is designed to bring IOVOX services to businesses around the globe through trusted channel partner relationships.

“There’s no doubt that customers like to buy from people and companies they trust,” said Ryan Gallagher, founder and CEO of IOVOX. “A big part of IOVOX’s success has been working with partners and today we are pleased to introduce a channel sales program that allows us to reach more customers in locations all around the globe through trusted relationships.”

Today with customers in 32 countries that use its analytics services, IOVOX aims to make call data as visual, actionable, and as important to businesses as web data. Instead of trying to interpret a monthly phone bill to derive answers to important business questions, IOVOX provides businesses with a simple to use, easy to interpret, real-time dashboard to measure call performance.

Questions such as those below now have easy answers in real-time:

  • Are Google AdWords generating more leads and sales calls than ads on Yelp or Yellow Pages?
  • How did the test of Facebook advertising go last week?
  • What day of the week did my business miss the most calls?
  • What time of the day is my business receiving the majority of my calls?
  • Where are the majority of my company’s new leads coming from geographically?
  • Of all the calls received last week, how many were new, unique, calls vs. repeat callers?
  • Does it make sense to advertise with local telephone numbers in other regions?

By using data to reveal the truth about call performance, IOVOX helps businesses improve efficiency, deliver better customer service, and become more profitable in short order.

IOVOX’s call solutions are intuitive, simple to use, and range in price from as low as $25 per month for SMBs on a starter plan to more robust offerings for mid-size and enterprise opportunities. IOVOX also has a solution called IOVOX Insights, which is available for integration into cloud PBX based SPs. The solutions offered through channel partners require no involvement post-sale, thanks to IOVOX’s simple customer onboarding and support.

“I’ve been involved in selling communication solutions through the channel for more than a decade and IOVOX has all the attributes that channel partners look for,” said Michael Sterl, Chief Strategy Officer at Carve Digital. “That is to say, IOVOX has a strong reputation, an affordable and reliable service with tangible customer benefits, attractive incentives and excellent support.”

The IOVOX Affiliate program is available to channel partners in the United States, Canada and throughout Europe. The program entails a simple, five-step process to get started within days. For more information, interested channel partners can call +1 415-877-1591 or +44 [0] 208 022 5445 or email

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