Intermedix Corporation Unveils Mobile Application for Situational Awareness

by | Sep 24, 2012 | IT, UC

MILWAUKEE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Intermedix EMSystems, the nation’s leading provider of public health and emergency medical management technologies, introduced EMResource Mobile at last week’s 2012 User Meeting. This is one of many mobile applications that will define the Company’s strategic development in the mobile space. EMResource Mobile provides immediate access to crucial information on resource availability during active incidents, bringing the power of EMResource to your fingertips in the field.

On a daily basis, EMResource Mobile can be used to:

  • View the overall operational status of your hospitals and other resources
  • Monitor each resource’s situation, including Emergency Department or EMS operational status, behavioral health and dialysis bed capacity, and medical staff availability
  • View a hospital’s current HAvBED count
  • Access contact information for each location
  • Find the closest hospitals to an EMS provider’s location

During an incident, EMResource Mobile can be used to:

  • Start an incident and access its details, including location and history
  • Monitor the Emergency Department capacity of resources involved in an incident
  • Track incident-specific resources, such as decontamination facilities, ventilators, pharmaceuticals, and specialty services
  • View other resource information, such as critical asset needs and medical staff availability

EMResource Mobile relies on the capabilities and information provided by EMResource, which is used nationally for day-to-day communication and collaboration between healthcare and emergency management organizations. EMResource Mobile is available for iPhone and Android devices.

About the Intermedix EMSystems 2012 User Meeting

The Intermedix EMSystems 2012 User Meeting brings together emergency management and healthcare leadership from across the country to share best practices, attend collaborative educational sessions, and connect with peers and colleagues. This year’s meeting focused on optimizing interoperable communications by highlighting ways in which state and regional agencies are working together and connecting with their communities to improve preparedness and response.

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