IdentityForge Announces Record Enterprise Integration Software Sales

by | Jan 17, 2012 | IT, Technology News

IdentityForge, LLC announced increased sales and growth for fiscal 2011 of the Advanced Adapter Suites, which provide standard LDAPv3 access to Mainframe, iSeries, Salesforce, AIX, Tandem and many more target systems for automated provisioning, reconciliation, password management and monitoring

IdentityForge had a 76% increase in revenues for our fiscal year 2011 and a record 4th quarter increase, of 96%. IdentityForge also increased their global staff size by 10% in 2011.

“We can attribute this growth to an increased product line, remarkable partner network and a concentrated marketing approach,” says Chad Cromwell, Founding Partner and CTO. “we expect to see continued interest and growth in 2012 with more new products and certified integrated solutions to be introduced in the coming months.” IdentityForge creates and maintains enterprise and cloud integration software (Advanced Adapter) for identity management, biometrics, governance, monitoring and modernization solutions for both private and public entities worldwide.

The Advanced Adapter Suites provide seamless access, real-time data synchronization, bi-directional support for Directory Services, Rule Management and Identity & Access Management software platforms. The IdentityForge LDAPv3 Gateway provides standard access to multiple data platforms in an industry proven way, helping customers realize a rapid ROI, deploy faster & easier and meet regulatory compliance. Our software provides the essential access to mainframes, midrange, ERP, Cloud systems, server OS and many more target systems that are key components of your enterprise.

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