Huawei Rolls Out Its Open Cloud Fabric and Ecosystem Strategy for Data Centers

by | Nov 14, 2013 | IT

BARCELONA, Spain, Nov. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, unveiled its open cloud fabric and ecosystem strategy for data center at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2013, a major global IT industry conference held in Barcelona, Spain. Huawei and Microsoft shared their latest collaborative achievements in the field of cloud computing and data center innovation. The announcement of this strategic alliance between Huawei and Microsoft reaffirmed the commitment of both companies to their shared vision of bringing open innovation to next-generation data centers for cloud computing.

In May 2012, Huawei launched its cloud data center focused CloudEngine series of high-performance switches and the Huawei CloudFabric Solution. CloudEngine and CloudFabric deliver the foundation needed for enterprises to build highly flexible and reliable cloud data centers for the next decade. Since its announcement in the first half of 2012, Huawei’s CloudFabric solution has attracted over 100 enterprise customers, and over 500 Huawei CloudEngine 12800 core switches have been deployed in customer data centers.

To adapt to the continuous development of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and virtualization technologies, Huawei has launched Open Cloud Fabric and Ecosystem strategy to provide open, and elastic virtualized data center solutions for its customers. Huawei’s Open Cloud Fabric consists of two components: the Open Fabric and the Open Controller.

Huawei’s Open Fabric is designed to integrate with mainstream cloud platforms and third-party controllers using Huawei’s open application programming interfaces (APIs) or industry standard protocols and interfaces such as OpenFlow. The forwarding data-plane is also open. Huawei CloudEngine series data center switches support the programmable Huawei Ethernet Network Processor (ENP) chipset architecture.

Huawei’s Open Controller, by providing Open North-bound and South-bound interfaces can connect to mainstream third party cloud platforms using open APIs. Its North-bound interfaces allow ease of integration with the multitude of industry open orchestration and management systems. The Open Controller South-bound interfaces provide compatibility with network devices from multiple vendors by leveraging standardized protocols such as OpenFlow.

In recognition that cloud computing and SDN are based on open concepts that require open integration and partnership, Huawei has established an open ecosystem of partners. Enterprise IT leader Microsoft is a founding member of this ecosystem. Details of the most recent joint ecosystem innovation between Huawei and Microsoft were unveiled at Gartner Symposium Barcelona.

The Huawei/Microsoft Data Center solution provides the IT industry with leading edge hybrid SDN/HDN capabilities to deliver enterprise value in the evolution towards next generation Data Center networks. The joint solution provides a comprehensive strategy that takes advantage of Huawei’s CloudEngine 12800 advanced hardware platform to deliver accelerated high-performance gateway capabilities into Microsoft Hyper-V Network Virtualization environments. This architecture and solution provide scalable and reliable interconnection between virtualized and non-virtualized traditional platforms or smooth migration from legacy environments to advanced virtualized environments. When combined with the simplified management via the direct integration of the CloudEngine platforms with Microsoft System Center and Microsoft Windows Server, enterprises will find an invaluable solution to real-world challenges brought on by evolution and business-driven disruption in the data center.

Having recently attained full certification for Microsoft’s Open Management Infrastructure (OMI) Huawei’s CloudEngine series of switches, running Huawei’s VRP8 software, are easily integrated with Microsoft Cloud OS technologies.

Huawei and Microsoft continue their strategic alliance and are jointly developing data center network virtualized components virtualized switches, virtualized routers, and virtualized firewalls. In addition, both companies have collaborated extensively to contribute openly to the wider industry through direct participation and contribution to multiple international standardization efforts. Notable examples of these efforts include contributions to the Desktop Management Task Force (DMTF) and Open Networking Foundation (ONF).

Together they provided open cloud computing data center solutions for their customers. For example, they jointly provided a solution for the data center project of China Mobile, Guangdong Branch.

As recently noted by Mr. Luyao Sun, General Manager for Data Center Network Products, Enterprise Networking Product Line, Huawei Enterprise Business Group, “In the data center network product fields, Huawei is now growing rapidly and making significant breakthroughs based on its accumulated experience. Huawei is proud to offer its industry-leading CloudEngine series data center switches and Cloud Fabric Solution to the enterprise market. On this grand occasion, Huawei’s Open Cloud Fabric, as well as its multiple achievements realized in collaboration with Microsoft, in the data center field, mark Huawei’s entry into the industry chain in an open and cooperative manner.”

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