HP Counterfeit Evaluation Process

Contact the following:




HP will send you a form with the below terms and conditions:

Thank you for your email. We appreciate your inquiry regarding the authenticity of HP-labeled products.  Because it is critical for customers to be confident that they have authentic HP products, we have a process to validate products. To receive a product validation we require that you:

(1) Complete and submit the attached form, and

(2) Supply to HP the Purchase Order and Invoice evidencing the purchase and sale of the referenced product.

Further, by completing and submitting the attached form, you agree that if the product is determined to be counterfeit, you will do the following:

(1) Supply the serial numbers for the products referenced on the Invoice from your supplier if those serial numbers are not on the Invoice,

(2) Send to HP all products referenced on the Invoice from your supplier with the same part number as the products about which you inquired, and

(3) Provide all written or electronic communications with your supplier concerning the purchase of the products. 

HP usually can make a determination whether a particular product is genuine or counterfeit based on an analysis of the photograph.  Our analysis is limited to the products in the picture, however, and you should not draw any inference one way or the other about the supplier of the product based on the limited review of the sample.  For example, if the particular product is determined to be authentic based on this photographic analysis, such determination is limited to that product, and you should not draw the conclusion that other products supplied by the same vendor are necessarily authentic.  The same is true if one part is identified as counterfeit.  Know your reseller! Have a person-to-person conversation with your reseller to help in protecting the systems you support from counterfeit product.  And, most importantly, know the value of the product. If the deal is too good to be true, then it may not be genuine HP.

Americas Hardware Counterfeit Validation


Hewlett Packard Corporation

CCA4 Room 4.6165

11445 Compaq Center Drive West

Houston, Tx 77070

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