Green Reuse Pledge

The ASCDI calls upon all technology product manufacturers to join us in committing to a greener world by pledging to allowing subsequent users of equipment all of the rights the original owner had when they first purchased the product.


Our Green Mission is to support our members in the implementation programs that allow for the responsible and cost-effective management of environmental resources. This is a critical consideration for our Industry. Many used technology products such as routers, servers and communications equipment end up in landfills when they COULD be placed back into productive use were it not for the licensing polices of some manufacturers that prevent a subsequent  user from using the software which originally came on the product. We call upon all technology manufacturers to sign a “Green Reuse Pledge” acknowledging that subsequent users of their products can have all the rights to use a product that the first owner had. If you would like your name added to the list, please contact us.

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