Glacier Consulting Services, IQ Reseller help clients meet R2V3, ASCDI ITAD Podcast

by | Oct 11, 2022 | Blog, ITAD, Member News, Podcast

ERP Systems are vital to matching the best practice standards in handling, restoring, or disposing secondary equipment.

“I see it as raising the bar,” says Michael Hutchcraft, President of Glacier Consulting. In getting companies to step up to R2, Version 3, Glacier Consulting helps companies get their disposition and handling practices to an exacting global standard of a third part, accredited and certified level of handling of equipment coming out of use. In this podcast, we learn how part of that process involves being able to execute, meet and excel specified standards.

Part of that process likely involves ditching “spreadsheets” as a means of tracking for an ERP, as offered by IQ Reseller. In this podcast John Spagnuolo, Implementation Consultant, IQ Reseller joins Hutchcraft explaining how this comes together for companies to meet ITAD standards. Now, more than ever, whether a firm is an enterprise, cycling through gear that’s coming to an end of deployment, or for channel partners and MSPs, who constantly managing client networks, ITAD disposition is literally the gold standard in making sure that disposition is secure and environmentally proper.

Spagnuolo points out that for enterprises, who are now shipping “office in a box” for their now distributed workforce, having an ITAD partner has become critical.

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