Gain Insight on How to Protect Your Patents and Intellectual Property at the SUITS Conference event at This Year’s ITEXPO in Austin

by | Sep 18, 2012 | Events

 Register Now to Earn CLI Credits While Learning About Legislation Changes and Licensing Rights That Affect Your Company’s Most Valuable Assets

 Austin, TX ˆ September 19, 2012ˆ With constantly evolving technologies spurring the perpetual modification of Patents and IP related policies and legislation; it is understandable that many are finding it extremely hard to keep up. What are “this month’s” changes to laws regarding the “Art of the Work” or for that matter any of the over 100 changes since 2011 regarding Intellectual Property (IP), Patents, and Licensing surrounding your innovations and inventions! 
 The clock ticking every year for those CLE hours now is the time to bring your Legal Beagles to ITEXPO SUITS. This certified CLE class IS different: It is designed with your Telecom needs in mind.  Find out from subject matter experts to get your Continuing Legal Education.  It has been over 10 years since any CLE training has been offered to meet the specific needs of telecommunications companies. 
 This three-day event is a great opportunity for media and analysts to interface with industry scholars, hear expert presenters from both the private and public sectors and participate in interactive round table discussions. Conversation topics span various methods of protecting patents, recent patent-related legislation changes, the rights of technological innovators, and many more. Featured speakers include executives from prominent organizations, including  Todd Juneau, (Juneau Partner), Christopher Douglas (Alston and Bird), Ross Barton (Alston and Bird), Stacy White (Alston and Bird), Raffi Gostanian (Open Invention Network), Robert Johnson (Ameliowave), Jon Arnold (J Arnold & Associates), Jebb Dykstra (Technology Sector Law Corporation), Noreen Rucinski (SRE ) and John Horvath (Google). 
 Attendee conference registering at SUITS  are automatically entered in a drawing to WIN an Apple iPad 2.  Prize Winner will be drawn at the Basic Solution Booth 322 on October 4 at 4PM.
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 For more information regarding the SUITS Conference, please visit  or contact Noreen Rucinski, Solutions Architect Vice President Business Development at SRE via email at
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