From the President: A quick Holiday-Legislative Update from the ASCDI

by | Dec 23, 2014 | Annual Reports, Association News

joe-marionThings are going well on the Federal front. As you know, this year Rep. Farenthold from Texas introduced the YODA bill which will allow all rights to things such as diagnostics and software to pass from the original owner to subsequent owners. We are searching for a Democratic sponsor for the bill. If you have any contacts, please let me know.

We are working with/supporting Representative Issa on his Parts Bill, which will allow third parties to “copy” parts originally manufactured by an auto manufacturer to use in repairing cars. Representative Issa has indicated that he is willing to expand it to include the types of products we repair, such as computers. He has been appointed as the next Chair of the House Judiciary Committee IP Sub-Committee. That is a good thing for us.

Sometime in Q1 we would like to host a reception for Rep. Farenthold in San Antonio, Texas. When we announce it, we would like as many of you as possible to attend and/or contribute to the effort. More later on that.
At our meeting in San Diego on March 4-6th we are hoping that California Representatives Issa and Peters will be speaking, so PLEASE register to attend now. The more names we have on our registration list, the better.

2015 USA WINTER CONFERENCE, March 4 – 6, 2015 San Diego, CA
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As you may have seen reported, the House and Senate have agreed on the spending bill it does NOT include Internet taxation. That is exactly what we were hoping would happen. Although we don’t feel like we can 100% declare victory until this Congress departs, things are definitely looking favorable for our side on the issue.

We are still in contact with the EU and US trade negotiation team with regard to our desire to open up “Fortress Europe” to our products. And we are still engage with US Customs on treating our members fairly when we import/export products.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year.
Joe Marion
ASCDI President

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