Field Nation helps companies deliver technology field service amidst a labor shortage, Podcast

by | Jun 14, 2022 | Blog, Member News, Podcast

“There is a perfect storm in the field industry today,” says Founder & CEO of Field Nation, Mynul Khan. “The demand has never been so high in the field technology services,” adds Khan. For example, retail, which faces shortages for filling job vacancies at the clerk level, is turning to automation for customer check out. But automation still needs a human presence, at least at the point of installation. In this podcast we learn how Field Nation is revolutionizing the way on prem technology services are delivered. Field Nation enables companies to find field service technicians, when and where they are needed, thus avoiding the expense of building a large bench of technologists and the structural cost issues that come with bulking up payroll.

At the same time, Field Nation’s approach is appealing to many technicians. People can decide when and where and on what projects they would like to work, and can also choose their own schedules, number of days to work each week and so on. Khan sees this as an enormous opportunity for the reseller market, the MSPs and channels, as they are all in a great position to be working with companies that might need technology labor.



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