eXalt Solutions Re-invents Channel Sales Enablement with CSE-VAR Cloud to Scale Channel Sales

by | Aug 22, 2012 | IT, UC

VARs Now Access the Same Channel Sales Empowerment Platform used by the top Distributors and DMR’s for a 25x Increase in Sales Velocity

Cambridge, MA, August XX, 2012 – eXalt Solutions, the market and technology leader in providing Cloud-powered, Channel Sales Empowerment (CSE) solutions, today announced the VAR Version of its CSE Platform – CSE-VAR Cloud, which makes available to VARs the same cloud-based, fully automated and blended cross-vendor quote solution that is enjoyed by the top Direct Market Resellers and Distributors. For the first time eXalt Solutions is offering a solution to all VARs that simplifies, automates, and consolidates today’s incredibly manual, complicated, convoluted and time consuming solution sales process. The CSE-VAR Cloud increases a VAR’s sales velocity by 25 times, enabling them to easily attach their own services, and leading them to larger, more profitable sales in a fraction of the time.

“As any VAR knows today, Selling IT solutions is a broken process,” said Leslie Swanson, CEO of eXalt Solutions. “Channel partners typically work with hundreds of vendors, each providing dozens of proprietary siloed tools that don’t communicate – No sales rep can learn 1000 user interfaces and are forced to rely on engineers to complete a quote.  The paradox is that these “Channel Enablement” tools are causing bottlenecks and are “disabling” the Channel.  The average solution quote takes 18 hours and 2.5 iterations to get out the door with a very high touch sales process involving several engineers.  The last thing VARs need is yet another vendor proprietary tool set.”

“eXalt helps us gain a competitive advantage to sell complete cross – vendor solutions,” said Ken Grimsley, President, Affigent. “When I had responsibility for  strategic sales at one of the top DMRs in the US, I realized that we had to do something different if we wanted to scale sales growth.  My team introduced eXalt to empower sales reps to do it themselves – giving unlimited scale. Now as President of Affigent I see eXalt differentiating our business by enabling us to sell solutions to our best practices –generating sales and profitability growth. It is a game changer for this industry.”

eXalt’s Channel Sales Empowerment Platform makes multiple vendors look like ONE—each vendor’s library and rule set is dynamically blended with others in ONE Screen. Sales reps can create, register and purchase the right solution in ONE stop, replacing dozens of standalone vendor tools. Unlike other online catalogs and portals that just list products by vendor silo and do nothing to assist reps in building solutions, CSE’s goof proof rules engine ensures that only compatible, properly optimized solutions are offered as configuration choices. An entry level sales rep can configure a large cross vendor offering in as little as 15 minutes.

With the consumerization of IT, VARs realize that they have to sell twice what they sold before just to make the same margins,” Swanson added.   “ eXalt Solutions has a proven track record of dramatically increasing the efficiency of sales teams to sell complete solutions that are 2-3 times larger than typical using today’s high touch manual methods but in a fraction of the time. After building up our customer base in the top manufacturer and channel accounts, we developed CSE-VAR Cloud to make the same functionality available to small and medium–sized VARs.”

eXalt Solutions patented CSE Platform transforms channel sales from a high-touch to a low-touch sales model, cutting quote time from 18 hours to 15 minutes on average.  The new CSE-VAR Cloud offers subsets of the CSE Platform to make it attractive for the smallest to largest VARs starting as low as $1,500/mo. CSE’s Channel Intelligence Service gives very detailed metrics to all parties on what is being attached as well as benchmarks and best practices. CSE-VAR Cloud comes in three options:

The CSE-VAR Cloud Starter offering empowers VARs to automatically sell complete cross-brand solutions incorporating hardware, software, services and is limited to 100 internal users. The following options can be added to this:

  • The Professional Option:  Allows VARs to incorporate Playbooks to guide sales reps through their favorite recipes for different types of solutions, and attach their own services to any quote.
  • The Customer Option:  Customizes CSE-VAR Cloud to an individual VAR’s sales processes and their user interface.  Customer facing storefronts are also supported.

“As technology sales become increasingly consumerized and margins shrink, the channel needs to deploy more powerful and flexible systems that don’t require excessive staff time or specialized skills to support the sales process,” said Jeffrey M. Kaplan, Managing Director of THINKstrategies and founder of the Cloud Computing Showplace. “eXalt Solutions has developed an innovative, Cloud-based empowerment platform which allows VARs to better serve their customers and coordinate their vendor relationships.”

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