Enghouse Interactive Announces Latest Iteration of Quality Management Suite

by | May 8, 2013 | Technology News

Enterprise-ready features include expanded computer recording capabilities,unified user interface, and broader language support.

Phoenix, AZ – May 7, 2013 – Enghouse Interactive, developer of the most comprehensive portfolio of interaction management solutions, today announced the availability of version 5.0 of the Enghouse Interactive Quality Management Suite. Highlights of Enghouse Interactive Quality Management Suite version 5.0, formerly known as the CallRex Quality Management Suite, include tighter integration of the elements of the suite, unified search and reporting, expanded interaction recording and monitoring capabilities, and improved system alerting.

Enghouse Interactive has evolved the Quality Management Suite user interface to closely integrate the call recording, computer recording/desktop monitoring, and agent evaluation capabilities. The streamlined user interface provides easy-to-use Web-based access to reports, interaction recordings, and evaluation capabilities within a single interface. The Quality Management Suite now supports 15 languages including: French, Canadian French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Russian, Norwegian, Finnish, and Ukrainian.

“The Quality Management Suite has always been designed with an eye towards ease of use and affordability,” says Bruce Sherman, quality management solutions product manager for Enghouse Interactive. “The latest evolution of the Quality Management Suite continues that tradition, consolidating and streamlining the user interface while also strengthening reporting and search capabilities. Feedback from our partners and customers helped shape this release, offering insights into how Enghouse Interactive’s interaction recording and quality management software positively impacts businesses daily.”

Flexible Computer Recording Capabilities

Version 5.0 includes expanded desktop monitoring capabilities, allowing administrators to selectively record and monitor specific business applications. Rules-based profiles offer companies the flexibility to capture desktop activities based upon specific business needs such as application-specific recording, selective recording, or schedule-based recording settings. Customer defined flags can now be created on computer recording files, providing companies with more robust tracking and reporting opportunities. Additionally, computer recordings can be included in quality management evaluations, enabling supervisors to evaluate and guide their staff on how to best achieve efficiencies in their interactions with business applications.

Unified Search and Reporting

Call Recording and Agent Evaluation reports are now displayed in a single location, streamlining the process of measuring success within your business. The integrated search capability includes multiple media types – including voice and desktop recordings – in a single reporting interface. Agent evaluation reports can now be saved, scheduled, exported, and viewed in the Quality Management Suite dashboard.

Additional features in version 5.0 include:

  • Support for Microsoft Windows 2012 Server, Windows 8, Silverlight 5.0, and SQL 2012
  • Improved system alerting, including automated e-mails and event log entries
  • Increased API access for Computer Recording functionality

In June 2013, access to the latest release will be automatically available to all customers with an active Enghouse Interactive Platinum Support Plan.

More at http://www.enghouseinteractive.com/products/quality-management-suite.php.

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