Emerson Network Power Launches the Intelligent Foundation, a Single-Source Manageability and Infrastructure Solution for High-Density Environments

by | Dec 9, 2013 | IT

Affordable, easily deployed solution allows customers to decrease time to market and realize service revenues faster

Huntsville, Alabama [Dec. 9, 2013] – Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE: EMR) and a global leader in maximizing availability, capacity and efficiency of critical infrastructure, today launched the Intelligent Foundation™, a single-source manageability and infrastructure solution for high-density server manufacturers and organizations that develop custom hyperscale solutions. The Intelligent Foundation is a first-in-its-class manageability and infrastructure framework that provides a scalable and adaptable solution for hyperscale deployments.

The technology revolution that began with mega data center operators is rapidly catching on across the broader IT ecosystem. Many conventional data centers are moving to become more “cloud-like” in response to scaling single-threaded workloads, such as web services applications, and fluctuating customer demands for resources. Amidst this change, conventional data centers also need to adopt new paradigms to handle the dense compute, networking and storage pools, and associated infrastructure, in this new environment. To do so they must break away from the traditional access-and-control based management of the past and adopt a modern framework, like the Intelligent Foundation, that tightly couples rack resource management with rack infrastructure behind a firewalled, single IP access point.

“Today’s emerging hyperscale IT systems are designed to address massive increases in scale of applications as well as rapid expansions and re-provisioning of assets; but for many organizations use of these solutions poses major facilities and operational management challenges,” said Richard Villars, vice president of datacenter and cloud research at International Data Corporation (IDC). “Solutions like Emerson’s Intelligent Foundation will make it easier for organizations to manage and optimize hyperscale and legacy systems within a common monitoring framework, boosting their pace of innovation and competitive position.”

The difference the Intelligent Foundation brings to the market is a management infrastructure that is portable, scalable and adaptable for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), original device manufacturers (ODMs) and data centers’ self-build solutions alike. With minimal effort, the Intelligent Foundation can add market-leading manageability and monitoring to optimize hyperscale environment operation.

For example, power consumption and space utilization are significant concerns with hyperscale solutions. Underutilized power loads waste space, particularly at very large scales. Conversely, the Intelligent Foundation enables customers to gain significant increases in energy efficiency and space utilization. The improved efficiency is achieved by establishing rack and chassis power policies based on the loading of the Intelligent Foundation-enabled PDU and monitored by the Intelligent Foundation Manager and service processor Controller firmware.

“The Intelligent Foundation is the most comprehensive development and deployment framework for enabling and managing the software-defined data centers associated with cloud computing,” said Patrick Quirk, leader for the hardware product line of Emerson Network Power’s Avocent business. “It answers our customers’ needs for the ability to develop and deploy custom hyperscale solutions all the way up to integrating every rack-scale device to fully support our emerging hyperscale computing world. The depth of this solution demonstrates the level of support we can provide our customers now, and we will continually anticipate their future challenges and develop innovative technologies to solve them.”

To learn more about Emerson Network Power’s firmware and hyperscale solutions, please visit http://Go.EmersonNetworkPower.com/Microserver-Firmware or http://www.EmersonNetworkPower.com/Avocent

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