Emerson Network Power Adds 415V Capability to Liebert Rack Power Distribution Units

by | Feb 21, 2012 | IT, UC

Emerson Network Power Adds 415V Capability to Liebert Rack Power Distribution Units to Support Higher Densities and Increase Efficiency

Columbus, Ohio [February 21, 2012] – Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE:EMR) and a global leader in maximizing availability, capacity and efficiency of critical infrastructure, today introduced 415-volt input configurations for its Liebert MPX and Liebert MPH rack Power Distribution Units (rack PDUs), to enable the distribution of higher voltage power to IT equipment, thereby increasing efficiency in the power distribution system. All voltages of both technologies also feature a 65kAIC withstand rating for ensured reliability and safety under extreme utility conditions, The products are currently shipping to customers in North America, with availability in Central and South America.

In North America, 480V is the most common distribution voltage found in data centers. However, this voltage must be converted to a lower voltage (208V/120V) in order to be distributed to the IT equipment. A step-down from 480V to 208V in the traditional power distribution architecture introduces efficiency losses, which can be minimized by adopting a 415V input/240V output distribution model. Delivering this increased voltage to the rack enables overall efficiency to be enhanced by eliminating the need for a voltage conversion along the power path. It also yields additional energy savings at the device-level in the form of increased efficiency for server power supplies, which can handle a wide range of incoming voltages.

“As data center managers face increasing pressure to reduce operating expenses and be more accountable for energy usage, many are considering increasing the voltage of power distributed to IT equipment as a way to increase the efficiency of the server power supplies to reduce transformer efficiency losses,” said Peter Panfil, vice president, Liebert AC Power, Emerson Network Power. “By introducing 415V input capability for our Liebert MPX and Liebert MPH rack PDUs, we are providing data center managers with a safe and effective means of distributing high-power output and gaining higher system efficiency. A complete power solution is available when the rack PDUs are supported upstream by Emerson’s other 415-volt enabled power distribution products, such as the Liebert FPC row-based distribution cabinet, and the Liebert MB modular busway.”

With the delivery of higher voltage comes the risk of increased current overload and fault conditions. All Liebert MPX and Liebert MPH rack PDU systems carry a 65k AIC withstand rating from UL (Underwriters Laboratories), ensuring a resilient, high-availability design supporting the high voltage currents in 415V applications.

Both Liebert MPX and Liebert MPH operate with the industry’s leading standard operating temperature—up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit—ensuring proper operation of the rack PDU despite elevated temperatures found at the back of the IT equipment rack, especially in higher density environments.

Both rack PDU models offer an integrated network card that provides upgradeable network communications, sensor input, an intelligent display interface, and remote monitoring and control via secure web/SNMP (simple network management protocol). They may be tracked and managed through Emerson’s Rack Power Manager software, Liebert Nform or Liebert SiteScan Web software.

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