DTC Passes BSI Audit To Maintain ISO 14001 & ISO 9001 Quality Management

by | Feb 21, 2014 | IT, Member News

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 6.59.35 AMDTC International Ltd has successfully maintained their BSI awards following the recent annual audit. The audit confirmed DTC’s commitment to rigorous testing that ensures products and services comply with stringent standards for safety, product performance and reliability. The accreditations DTC has maintained mean that the quality systems in place have been systematically assessed, demonstrating DTC International’s dedication to maintain the highest possible standards. DTC has held BSI accreditations for over 20 years, which shows continued commitment to quality and consistent business practices.

The accreditation’s DTC has retained ensure the following:

  • Regular testing is carried out.
  • You can be confident that products and services are compliant with the relevant standards.
  • The world’s most respected body has certified this product.

The BSI ISO 14001 Environmental Management Award
The BSI ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that shows effective integration of environmental considerations within management systems. The standard is designed to address the delicate balance between maintaining profitability and reducing environmental impact; with the commitment of an entire organisation. The ISO 14001 has allowed DTC to identify aspects of the business that impact on the environment and produce a management programme to achieve the highest possible standards.

The BSI ISO 9001 Quality Management Award
The BSI ISO 9001 is a quality management award and is the world’s most established quality framework. It is currently being used by 897,000 organisations in 170 countries worldwide. It helps all kinds of organisations to succeed through improved customer satisfaction, staff motivation and continual improvement.

DTC International is a global business with offices, warehousing and ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility) located centrally in the UK in Northamptonshire. DTC International’s innovative approach to Reverse Logistics and After Market Services covers a broad range of telecom network equipment from customer premises equipment, fixed and wireless global operator networks, to private dedicated networks, data centres and copper cable infrastructure. All of DTC’s processes are fully compliant with the WEEE Directive and carried out in accordance with Duty of Care under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Visit: www.dtc-telecom.co.uk

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