DMD Secures MO 100 Top Impact Award for Second Consecutive Year

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Blog, Member News

Aaron Zeper, CEO of DMD, is recognized as a Top Impact CEO on Big Path Capital’s annual list.

TEMPE, AZ – March 6, 2024 – DMD Systems Recovery, LLC. (DMD) proudly announces that our CEO, Aaron Zeper, has been named on the 2024 MO 100 Top Impact CEO Ranking for the second consecutive year.

Big Path Capital’s MO 100 Top Impact CEO Ranking recognizes the 100 top executives who are championing positive social and environmental impact at high-growth companies. This year’s honorees showcase the effectiveness of stakeholder-focused business models that incorporate a wider circle of stakeholders—including the environment, their employees, their customers, their shareholders, and their communities.

The Impact Rankings are based on each company’s “Force for Good” Score. The formula for Force is velocity x mass (Growth rate x Revenue). The Force for Good Score is the product of 1-year sales growth % x 2023 revenues x the B Impact Assessment or default score.

“Being named on the MO 100 Top Impact list for a second year is a testament to our ongoing dedication to sustainable business practices,” stated Aaron Zeper, CEO of DMD. “Our core mission remains to protect the environment through responsible IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services. As a B Corporation, we’re committed to upholding the highest standards for social and environmental impact. This honor reinforces the value of our ITAD solutions in advancing sustainability and showcases our commitment to enhancing our services for our clients, improving conditions for our team, and minimizing our environmental footprint.”

“The MO 100 Top Impact CEO Ranking celebrates leaders who are leveraging the engine of capitalism to create shared prosperity,” said Michael Whelchel, Founder and CEO of Big Path, which assists purpose-driven companies and private equity funds in raising capital and company exits. “These CEOs are the real catalysts and agents of change driving the most dynamic segment of the economy. The MO 100 Top Impact CEOs champion a new vision of capitalism, demonstrating that every transaction represents an opportunity to create positive outcomes for all stakeholders.”

To view the complete 2024 MO 100 Top Impact CEO Ranking list visit:

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DMD Systems Recovery, LLC. (DMD) protects your reputation and our world with ITAD solutions having the highest standards for your Data Security and the Environment, ensuring your assets go to their next best use. DMD works with hundreds of companies and public entities to securely destroy their data, decommission assets, and redeploy or remarket the equipment across IT categories including Data Center, End User Compute, and Mobility. For more information, please visit:

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Big Path Capital advises leading impact companies and funds in capital raises and in mergers and acquisitions. As the first certified B Corp investment bank over 14 years ago, Big Path Capital has worked with over 250 company and fund clients, connecting them to the largest network of impact investors in the world.

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