DESI Telephone Labels supports new telecom releases from snom, Panasonic, and others.

by | Feb 1, 2014 | Industry News

DESI logoVancouver, WA January 31, 2014– DESI Telephone Labels announces support for snom 700 Series, Panasonic KX-NT500 Series, Grandstream GXP2100 Series, and LG Ericsson LDP-9000 Series, and Tadiran Telecom’s Aeonix Series, plus a few more. The DESI Labeling software has also been updated with these latest layouts. Get the software support by going to this page: The DESI Labeling software is always FREE, risk free, and super user friendly.

Newly Released Support & DESI Part Number












DESI® Telephone Labels makes it easy to label 1 to 500 or more telephones. Create your own labels using DESI software and blank perforated labels, or have your labels preprinted by DESI’s custom department.  Either way you go, you will find that DESI is The Best Way to Label Telephones!

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