Data sanitization for the data nation, Verity ES Podcast

by | Sep 14, 2023 | Blog, Member News, Podcast

Data sanitization: Special ASCDI ITAD Podcast on secure data erasure that evaluates and improves the eradication process

Personal data storage is found on almost anything that runs on power. The same holds for organizations, larger and small. The price we pay for convenience, speed, automation, and integration, is that the myriad of devices we all touch every day, are quietly storing valuable information. A good deal of the information represents not only a potential personal or business vulnerability, but in many cases, a legal liability, or even a federal and/or state legal obligation, to retain in a secure manner. When it comes time to dispose of IT assets, a proper data sanitation process is required, and ideally, that process should be done onsite, before the disposed products ever leave their premises. In this podcast, we meet up with Glen Jacobson and Kevin Enders who tell us the story of how Revert, developed Verify ES, to meet just that specific challenge.

Verity ES not only powers the ability of Revert to perform on site data sanitation, but it also enables entperise to use the product on their own, to achieve the best possible results. We learn that Verity ES knocks out the data that needs to be erased without compromising the firmware, thereby making the outbound gear more valuable for resale.

Kevin notes that enterprises seeking to work on their own, should consider using a tool such as Verity ES, where time, experience and knowhow are baked into the software, enabling the enterprise user to avoid mistakes and get great outcomes. Glen adds that Verity ES has built into it over twenty years of direct data center experience to provide what he describes as, “…womb to tomb transparency.”  That transparency also meets the needs of ITAD. We learn that Verity ES is not static software. It is a tool to evaluate and improve your eradication process.


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