CorsPro to Exhibit at the Tigerpaw National Conference Sept 26-28, 2012

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For a third consecutive year, Cors Productivity Solutions, Inc. (CorsPro), makers of SalesDoc Architect proposal automation software, will be exhibiting at the Tigerpaw National Conference, September 26-28 in Chicago, IL. During the Vendor Showcase, CorsPro will demonstrate SalesDoc Architect and the software’s tight integration with Tigerpaw, providing joint clients with a TOTAL SOLUTION that handles product configuration, pricing and proposal generation through to ordering and service delivery. Clients who use both SalesDoc Architect and Tigerpaw are able to utilize information from both applications without having to re-key data, allowing them to sell to and service their clients more efficiently and effectively.

“We’re very excited to participate as Silver Sponsors of the Tigerpaw Conference this year,” said Brian Cors, Founder and CEO of CorsPro. “We have several mutual clients using automated proposal generation through SalesDoc Architect integrated with their Tigerpaw system, and they have been able to reap substantial benefits, including double digit revenue growth and proposal throughput, as well as lower sales costs, increased efficiency and improved customer service. We’re ready to show interested folks at the conference who are not yet joint clients that they, too, can realize significant efficiencies and growth to their business by implementing both Tigerpaw and SalesDoc Architect.”

Last year, CorsPro introduced a database-direct integration with Tigerpaw’s price book. Over the past several months, CorsPro has enhanced the integration to provide joint Tigerpaw/CorsPro clients with more flexibility in terms of how they pull pricing and costing into SalesDoc Architect quotes. Some clients want to drive all pricing and costing from Tigerpaw, while other clients want to pull pricing and costing from third-party product vendors and manufacturers. The enhanced price book integration provides clients with the ability to choose the approach that works best for them.

The company has published several case studies detailing the successes of several clients who use both Tigerpaw and SalesDoc Architect and benefit from the greater efficiencies and cost savings that result from the integration of the two solutions.

CorsPro-Tigerpaw Joint Webinar Video

To find out more, we invite you to watch the previously recorded webinar, Proposals that Wow and Win: The Tigerpaw – SalesDoc Architect Total Solution. Viewers will learn about the benefits of using the Tigerpaw and SalesDoc Architect applications together as an integrated TOTAL SOLUTION that enables resellers to win more deals with accurate, professional, differentiated proposals and to manage their businesses more efficiently.

SalesDoc Architect 30-Day Trial

CorsPro makes it easy to test-drive SalesDoc Architect by offering a 30-day trial for new clients. To learn more about SalesDoc Architect, CorsPro offers an 8-minute demonstration video, case studies and ongoing webcasts and other information on its website. CorsPro hosts an interactive demonstration WEBINAR every Wednesday at 2pm Eastern. Please REGISTER for the weekly webinar on CorsPro’s website.

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