Cloud Technology Partners Announces Public Beta of PaaSLane, a Software Solution to Accelerate Migration and Optimization of Applications for Cloud Computing

by | Oct 22, 2013 | IT

PaaSLane Profiles Source Code In Minutes to Automatically Identify, Report, and Estimate Requirements to Optimize Applications for Cloud Environments

News Summary

  • PaaSLane is entering Public Beta, and available to development teams today by signing up on
  • Evaluate new and existing Java and .NET applications for cloud readiness in minutes
  • PaaSLane provides line-of-code detail for issues that may affect performance, stability, security, and scalability for specific cloud platforms
  • Starting today, PaaSLane is free for unrestricted use during the beta program

Boston, MA (October 22, 2013) – Cloud Technology Partners™, the leader in transforming businesses with cloud solutions, today announced the public beta availability of PaaSLane™, a software solution that dramatically reduces the time and effort required to optimize applications to run in the cloud.  Traditionally, cloud migration assessments are a labor intensive, time-consuming process that can take months and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  PaaSLane automates the process and ensures its success by continually evaluating application source code for issues that may affect performance, stability, security, and scalability in specific cloud platforms.

“As cloud adoption accelerates, our customers are looking for ways to automate assessing for cloud readiness across hundreds of applications.  Software development organizations need an effective way to clearly identify issues and estimate the effort required to optimize applications for the cloud,” said John Treadway, senior vice president at Cloud Technology Partners. “PaaSLane finds issues and estimates the time required to address them in a matter of minutes, giving management an objective measure of cloud readiness across application portfolios, while providing development teams with a roadmap to start fixing them immediately.”

PaaSLane has been recognized by leading cloud service providers, including Amazon Web Services, as it enables application development leaders and application owners to make faster, more informed decisions regarding which applications to migrate and how much time and effort will be required to achieve cloud readiness.

“The manual process of migrating applications to cloud platforms is fraught with challenges and risks, including the fundamental problems of consistently identifying what needs to change and estimating how much investment is required,” said Julie Craig, research director at Enterprise Management Associates.  “PaaSLane automates this error-prone process, helping companies accelerate migrations and develop more confidently for constantly evolving cloud platforms.”

PaaSLane evaluates applications for cloud readiness, empowering IT and business leaders to look across entire application portfolios to prioritize applications to migrate based on development effort and code complexity.  PaaSLane then guides developers in optimizing Java and .NET applications for public and private cloud platforms by providing remediations for specific issues at the line-of-code.   Finally, PaaSLane tracks the progress of development teams as issues are resolved, providing critical feedback to engineering leadership as well as improving code quality.

PaaSLane Details

PaaSLane uses static code analysis to analyze application source code, finding common patterns that might affect application performance, stability, security, and scalability in cloud deployments and provides recommendations based on cloud best practices.  Key capabilities include:

–       Easy to use solution accelerates migration to commercial IaaS and PaaS solutions

–       Flexible rules engine supports tuning the analysis to the specific requirements of a user’s private cloud environment

–       Open API is easy to integrate with continuous integration tools, allowing users to embed PaaSLane in the software development lifecycle

–       Customizable rules support enforcing platform standardization and corporate governance rules automatically within the development process

–       On-premises version of PaaSLane is available for qualified customers

New Features in the Public Beta

–       Custom rules engine allows users to create rules specifically for their application or target environment.

–       Specific remediations for each issue make it easy to address issues that are discovered.

–       Faster profiling cuts waiting time significantly, processing over 250,000 lines of code in less than 10 minutes.

–       Enhanced user interface makes it more intuitive to get started, easier to manage rules and profiling, and faster to navigate results.

–       Deeper code analysis provides visibility into shared and third party code, including dependencies within Java JAR and WAR files.

–       Customizable analytics allows users to control the severity and categorization of issues.

–       Parallel profiling allows multiple applications to be profiled simultaneously.

How to Join the Beta

To sign up for the PaaSLane beta visit:

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