Cloud Computing Service Provider Centuric To Offer Grandstream IP Phones For Hosted Business VoIP Solutions

by | Jun 6, 2013 | UC

Brookline, MA and Ft. Lauderdale, FL (June 6, 2013) – Hosted Service provider, Centuric, today announced that it has certified and will offer Grandstream Networks’ GXP2200 Application Phone for Android, GXP2120 Executive IP Phone, and GXP1450 2-Line IP Phone to business customers using Centuric’s hosted VoIP services and call center solutions. Grandstream SIP-based phones provide an enriched desktop call experience and offer advanced voice options, LCD screens and a host of other phone features to customers using Centuric’s Virtual PBX/VoIP hosted voice solutions.

Centuric is a full-service cloud computing company that provides IT and telecommunications services to businesses seeking hosted solutions for IT infrastructure, network and connectivity, business continuity and disaster recovery, virtual desktop, virtual server, virtual PBX/VoIP, web and e-commerce hosting and more.  The company was recently recognized by UBM Channel as a member of CRN’s Next-Gen 250 list, which highlights up-and-coming VARs.

“Centuric hosted PBX solutions are perfectly complemented by Grandstream’s IP phones, which provide excellent audio and video quality, real-time web applications, automated phone book synchronization and more,” said Frank Peluso, CIO of Centuric. “Grandstream IP phones are affordable, easy to use, and versatile for many applications. They are a true value add to Centuric’s hosted PBX solutions as they come standard with Power over Ethernet (PoE), a host of telephony features, SIP accounts, QoS, and Grandstream’s IP phones are open standards compatible.”

“Businesses using outsourced IT service providers like Centuric can also choose to easily migrate and transfer their voice communications to a hosted voice solution for an affordable monthly fee,” said David Li, CEO of Grandstream. “Businesses that choose a virtual PBX environment are able to free up internal staff dedicated to telecom services and shift those resources to focus on business objectives like growing their business. We appreciate the partnership with Centuric and look forward to working with them to provide high-performing, easy-to-install and maintain VoIP desktop phone solutions that meet the varying business needs of their customers.”

The GXP2200 Enterprise Application Phone for Android™ is Grandstream’s first open sourced SIP phone and one of only a handful of IP Phones in the world running on the Android platform. This smart HD desktop phone combines powerful mobile phone features with innovative IP telephony functions and powerful Android apps. With 6-lines, an available extension module, built-in call recording and up to 6 SIP accounts and 5-way conferencing, HD audio, Gigabit network ports and built-in Bluetooth, the GXP2200 is ideal for Enterprise, SOHO, and call-center applications.

The GXP2120, ideal for users who handle large call volume and multiple lines, is a 6-line Executive IP phone. The GXP1450, ideal for business users looking for a feature-rich IP phone at a market-leading price, is a 2-line Executive IP Phone. Grandstream’s IP Phones offer Centuric customers superior HD audio, PoE, XML customization, advanced security protection, simple management and automated provisioning options with TR-069 or HTTPs, productivity applications, and many more advanced telephony features, all at market-leading affordability.

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