Clear2there and BinMaster Collaborate to Elevate Agriculture Enterprise Efficiency

by | Nov 7, 2012 | UC

Smart-Farm Technology Leverages Cloud-Based VCAS Platform for Monitoring and Control of Systems Across Farming Operations

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, November 7, 2012— Clear2there LLC, a leading provider of advanced video surveillance, smart-home and smart-business, communications, and M2M solutions for service providers and enterprises, announced it has joined forces with  BinMaster, the leading provider of reliable, solid-state point and continuous bin level indicator and control systems, to integrate BinMaster’s SmartBob grain bin level sensors into comprehensive smart-farm monitoring and control solutions using the Viewbiquity Cloud Application Suite (VCAS) service platform. The inclusion of bin monitoring further enables local telephone and cable service providers to deliver relevant automation services that rural market subscribers often request.

“The present-day agricultural enterprise uses a great deal of technology to help keep the organization running smoothly and improve profitability,” said Craig Steen, Clear2there president and chief executive officer. “We have seen tremendous demand for smart-farm services that directly address the complex operational and management needs of farming enterprises. As these operations grow in size and complexity, agricultural managers view the ability to receive real-time reports as an increasingly necessary imperative to improve their productivity and efficiency.”

Smart-farm services made possible through the Viewbiquity platform incorporate farm-centric sensors such as the SmartBob devices, as well as more traditional automation devices and sensors including electronic locks, door and window sensors, smart power management devices, motion sensors, environmental sensors and thermostats, and video surveillance equipment.  The smart-farm solution from Clear2there supports a wide range of standard communication protocols including Modbus, Z-Wave, ZigBee, and TCPIP. VCAS not only integrates multiple sensor types, but the cloud-based element of this solution also enables access and control from any Internet connected smartphone, tablet, or computer.

“BinMaster is pleased to be working with Clear2there to help address the demands of the growing marketplace for enhanced connectivity and automation in the agriculture enterprise,” said Todd Peterson, vice president of sales for BinMaster. “The SmartBob—and other—level sensors from BinMaster are the de facto standard in the marketplace. Extending the monitoring capability to the cloud and mobile devices certainly offers our customers a huge boost in operational efficiencies.  We look forward to expanding our collaboration with Clear2there to address even more industries and applications.”

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