Citel Technologies, Inc. Announces 48vDC Power Supply Version of its Portico TVA for Use in Hosted IP Telephony

by | Oct 1, 2012 | Technology News, UC

Citel Announces It Has Developed a 48vDC power supply for the Central Office Version of its Market Leading VoIP Migration Device, the Portico TVA.

AMHERST, NY — October 1, 2012 — Citel Technologies, Inc., is pleased to announce it has developed a hardware upgrade to its award winning Portico TVA that enable its VoIP migration device to be powered by 48vDC when installed in a central office environment for IP Centrex deployments, itself a recent introduction. For the first time carriers who are migrating their customers to an IP Centrex solution from a DMS100 Centrex environment can install the Portico TVA centrally utilizing a 48vDC power source rather than having to look at other power options or install the device at end user premises.

The Portico TVA offers companies the ability to migrate their customers to VoIP without the unnecessary burden of ripping and replacing existing cabling infrastructure, purchasing new IP phones and installing Power over Ethernet switches. Customers can retain their existing digital, analog and Centrex phones without removing the existing switches by SIP enabling those phones through the use of the Portico TVA.  This is a quick and cost effective means of VoIP migration.

The Portico TVA was originally developed as a premise based device. However, for carriers wanting to migrate their Centrex customers to a cloud based IP telephony solution it is an issue as most work with the switching equipment is done centrally. At an industry event in late 2011, a Softswitch provider following discussions with carriers attending the show, asked Citel to re-examine its premise based design. Along with upgrading the device so that it could be installed at a Central Office location ensuring the phones could be SIP enabled more than 15,000 feet away, Citel also investigated a change in the device’s power supply to 48vDC, a voltage frequently used in Central Office exchanges due to its safer and historical use. Although ready for customer testing, the upgraded hardware will still require regulatory approval but due to testing undertaken, said approval is expected without delay. “It is important to listen to customers and to work with them to develop products and firmware that meet their needs” said a spokesman for Citel. “Companies have been looking at ways of moving their customers over to IP telephony with minimal disruption, and with this 48vDC powered, Central Office version of the Portico TVA, we can ensure the customer can obtain the benefits of VoIP without any of the disruptions that occur when new cabling, PoE switches and IP phones have to be installed.”

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