Cast Iron Outcomes offers free marketing content for resellers

by | Jul 26, 2019 | Blog, Member News

Cast Iron Outcomes is U.S. based IT consultancy firm formed by founders who come from our hardware reseller industry, as well as the TPM industry, each with 20+ years’ reseller/TPM experience. They’ve designed a suite of services specifically designed to help lead enterprise IT decision-makers toward the independent provider community (especially resellers, TPMs and ITAD providers). Cast Iron Outcomes have been creating a significant amount of beneficial/influential content at their website and promoting it quite heavily across LinkedIn. Many of their blogs are directed at those whom have not tried hardware resellers or TPMs – especially, those who have hesitated due to FUD. Recently, they posted three reseller-promoting blogs. The content is short, to-the-point and can be helpful to many of your prospects, especially within your LinkedIn connections. They’d like you to think of it as marketing content that’s helpful to your own sales & marketing strategies (but not intended to replace it). Supplemental – but unbiased – content. You might take a look at each of these blogs, then give each post a “like” so your connections can review:

  1. Are You Managing CapEx Budgets for Hardware Purchases by Relying on a Robust Hardware Reseller Marketplace?
  2. Containing Hardware Costs to Fund Other IT Initiatives
  3. Do You Know When Pre-Owned Hardware & the Solutions of a Hardware Reseller Make Sense?

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