CaliResources matches customer recycling needs, Podcast

by | Apr 18, 2022 | Blog, Member News, Podcast

Members of the CaliResources team attended the Newport Beach conference. The company provides electronic recycling services, and now is branching out into repair and refurbishing. “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle,” says Christina Villa, Compliance Manager at CaliResources. Christina, who began her career right on the front line of sorting and processing inbound equipment, tells us that as a recycler, her company looks to reduce impacts by using fewer physical materials in whatever process they are engaged in. If possible, the product is readied for reuse. If the product is truly at the end of its life, we learn about a comprehensive process where components are harvested for possible reuse while the remains are then properly disposed of, perhaps with materials being used again. “We always look for a solution to avoid landfill,” says Villa. Villa tells us that the company has even created specialty-built machines to process hard to recycle products such as coaxial cable, in order to turn the disposed product into metals that will find new uses. We learn how recycling partners can add opportunities to ASCDI members and options for enterprises in network migration.




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