CaféX Communications Announces Availability of a White Paper That Highlights Live Mobile Assistance Solutions

by | Feb 19, 2014 | Industry News, IT

Document describes how organizations can reimagine customer engagement while leveraging current technology investments

CafeX logoNew York – February 17, 2014 –CaféX, a leading provider of real-time customer engagement solutions and software, announced the availability of a white paper that showcases the steps innovative companies are taking to enhance mobile applications through live assistance and self-service capabilities. Authored by noted industry analyst Dr. E. Brent Kelly, the white paper “Engaging the Nomad: Customer Live Assist for the Mobile User,” is available for download at Café

In the white paper, Dr. Kelly describes various architectures and approaches that companies can consider for implementing effective real-time customer engagement through enabling live assistance and more intuitive self-service solutions within mobile applications. The white paper also addresses the business case for deploying omni-channel services to improve customer satisfaction and accelerate resolution.

According to Dr. Kelly, “Customers show extreme loyalty to those companies that offer an excellent mobile experience, and most forward thinking organizations have invested in mobile application development as a way to better connect with their customers. More innovative companies are already crafting engagement-enabled mobile applications equipped with live assistance and self-service capabilities to deliver a transformational experience and drive very high levels of customer satisfaction.”

“CaféX is deeply engaged with many large customers to enrich the capabilities of customer interaction services, and ensure higher levels of client satisfaction,” said Sajeel Hussain, CaféX vice president of marketing and partner development. “Dr. Kelly has done an excellent job of outlining the challenges that businesses face in the mobile customer service ecosystem, and highlighting the benefits that enhanced live agent engagement and intuitive self-service options can deliver.”

To download a copy of “Engaging the Nomad: Customer Live Assist for the Mobile User” by Dr. E. Brent Kelly, visit

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