BullsEye Telecom® Announces Updated Agent Agreement

by | May 1, 2012 | UC

New Agreement Distinguishes Leading Nationwide Telecom Provider as “Carrier of Choice”

SOUTHFIELD, Mich.—May 1, 2012— National provider of integrated telecommunications solutions,
BullsEye Telecom® today announced an updated agreement and enhanced commissioning options for its agent
partners. The new agreement is positioned to impact the commission plans and other policies affecting
BullsEye’s existing-and new-client bases.
The most significant changes to the document include simplified, more concise and easier to understand
language and policies. Additionally, the agreement employs charts to effectively summarize commission
and payout schedules for the partner’s benefit.
Updated payout options include a residual payout, a one-time, upfront payment, and a combination residual
and one-time payout. The various payment options have been designed to meet the needs of the unique
business models of different partners and the stage of their relationship with BullsEye Telecom at the time an
agreement is made.
According to Tim Basa, vice president of sales of BullsEye Telecom Inc., “This new agent agreement, its
compensation, along with the way the company has repositioned its products, makes BullsEye a great fit for a
broader range of partners nationally.”
Of the three commission options, the combo option provides an upfront multiplier based on term as well as a
residual trailer. This option is ideal for partners just establishing themselves or for those looking for a source of
immediate cash flow while building a long-term residual base.
Basa further explained, “By enhancing our agreement, we’re strengthening BullsEye’s position as the ‘carrier of
choice’ in the marketplace. With our reputation as the only national carrier capable of providing every solution for
every location, we are confident that new business partners will immediately recognize the significant business
growth potential possible through a partnership with us.”

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