BTG Launches Transformational Cloud Practice Dedicated to Turnaround Process

by | Oct 22, 2015 | Industry News

Proven Methodology, Service-oriented Framework Migrates IT Operations to a Next-Gen Architecture; Increases Productivity, Eliminates CAPEX, Reduces OPEX

Breakthrough Techonolgy Group logoMorganville, NJ (October 22, 2015) Breakthrough Technology Group (BTG), an award-winning private cloud and managed IT solutions provider, today introduced a new practice designed to support distressed companies during a “turnaround” process.

For private equity, bankruptcy restructuring, mergers and acquisition (M&A), and other strategic partner investment firms, the ability to cut costs, reduce overhead while quickly increasing productivity is an invaluable resource when determining the potential value in a distressed asset.

Based on a proven methodology, BTG’s Transformational Cloud Practice provides the dedicated resources to streamline and transition a company’s IT operations from complex and ineffective infrastructure to cloud-based, service environments. BTG brings a wealth of experience from successful deployments that eliminate CAPEX and utilize technologies such as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and SaaS based applications to increase productivity and lower costs.

“Executing a complete overhaul of any organization’s computing environment can be accurately categorized as a complex IT turnaround migration project,” said Jeff Kaplan, CEO of Breakthrough Technology Group. “For companies engaged in M&A or bankruptcy restructuring, this intricate, multi-tiered task is further complicated by radical changes to day-to-day operations, new management and leadership.”

Leveraging the collective expertise and deep domain knowledge of its team, BTG simplifies this transition to help clients escape siloed environments and enjoy the fruits of agile, cloud-based services that foster collaboration, productivity, and scalability, while eliminating waste. This approach maximizes the IT resources of companies that are emerging from bankruptcy by breaking the process into viable work streams, which BTG manages to completion.

“Through time-tested best practices, we deliver a 360-degree view of how a company’s applications, processes, and users are supported and interrelated. That insight allows BTG to deliver a blueprint from how to get from where they are to where they want to be.

“Because our focus is on the customer’s business, we’re not just meeting their technology needs today – but preparing them for the next phase of growth. As their requirements change, we can quickly implement additional applications on the scalable foundation we deliver so their operations do not miss a beat.”

Other organizations undergoing a restructuring, which are healthy and growing yet struggling with unpredictable and costly IT expenditures, also benefit from this unique service. While not distressed, these organizations are not able to meet their current IT requirements and are challenged with an ever-changing and dynamic landscape.

“Despite the myriad differences between companies that are emerging from bankruptcy and those that are growing, both suffer from outdated technology resources that are not scalable, reliable, flexible, or cost-effective enough to meet their needs.

This Specialty Practice is comprised of three focus areas:

  • Transformational Consulting: This practice area is the catalyst for successful migrations. BTG employs a “Service Oriented Architecture” to a customer’s environment thus providing clarity and continuity when developing a target architecture and migration plan. A strategy is produced where the project is broken down into manageable modules to determine a roadmap on how to transform the environment. Modules can be mapped into an overall project that that can be measured to completion and success. 
  • o   Assessment and Strategy Planning
  • o   Architectural and Migration Planning
  • Service Delivery/Implementation/Migration

The migration is then prioritized, managed and implemented with the oversight of a strong and dedicated Project Management team that oversees and coordinates all aspects of the migration on behalf of the customer.  Seamless communication throughout a customer’s organization is the keystone to a successful and well-disciplined project.

  • Private Cloud Management
  • o   Customers can choose to migrate to BTG’s award-winning Private Cloud which delivers a secure environment that is flexible, scalable and reliable  
  • o   This architecture allows for reduced expenses, increased productivity, a reduction in CAPEX and ensures that our customers can maintain flexibility in an evolving and ever-changing dynamic landscape.

Breakthrough Technology Group (@BTGOneCloud) is a leading IT and telecommunications solution provider, and the highest revenue-producing AT&T Alliance Channel Solution Provider for 2010, 2011, and 2012. Founded in 2007, BTG focuses on supporting its enterprise customers by solving problems through the use of advanced technology and telecommunications. The inherent knowledge base of BTG’s veteran team spans the entire IT landscape, from cloud-based desktop and storage solutions to remote monitoring and individual end-user IT support. With a hyper-focus on specific IT practice areas and a deep understanding of carrier networks, BTG has proven to be an unquestioned leader and industry pioneer.

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