BT leads Informa’s ranking of top 30 telecom operators in global healthcare markets

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UK carrier with Asian ambitions demonstrates outstanding commitment to healthcare sector

London, UK –  December 5, 2012 – More than 90% of the world’s 40 largest telecom network operator groups are active in the enterprise healthcare market, according to research from Informa Telecoms & Media. And a ranking of all operators – based on their commitment to the healthcare market worldwide – puts BT in top spot, closely followed by Verizon and France Telecom.

Informa Telecoms & Media today publishes its Enterprise Verticals Activity Monitor (EVAM), which ranks telecom operators by their activities in the sector. The ranking is based on public information released between 1Q11 and 4Q12 regarding B2B and B2B2C services for the healthcare and life sciences markets.

BT leads the ranking with high scores on market presence, geographic reach and financial potential. The UK’s dominant operator not only sells high value networks, Cloud services and specialist applications into its home market but increasingly into Asia. Signaling its ambitions to export its expertise, in June 2012 it set up a dedicated health practice for the Asia region with over 130 staff.

Bharti Airtel, Etisalat and China Mobile represent the emerging markets in Informa’s healthcare top 30. The priority in Africa and India is for low-cost m-health services to open up public access to primary healthcare. SMS is the enabling technology for consumer drug verification, medication information, and remote doctor-patient consultation and advice. Offered free or at minimal cost for consumers, these services also deliver value for pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers.

Momentum building in healthcare

Informa’s activity monitor shows that 46 operators made public announcements between 1Q11 and 4Q12, demonstrating the momentum that is building in the healthcare market. Today more than 90% of the world’s 40 largest cellular operator groups by revenue are active in the sector.

“Transformation in the healthcare sector puts communications technology at the center of more efficient, cost-effective and equitable means of delivery,” says Sheridan Nye, senior analyst, Informa Telecoms & Media and author of the EVAM study. “Network operators are responding to opportunities to become an essential part of the delivery chain and extend their presence beyond generic networking services.”

The top 10 operators in the ranking are as follows: BT, Verizon Group, France Telecom, AT&T, Vodafone Group, NTT Group, China Mobile, Telefonica, Telenor and SK Telecom.

About Informa’s Enterprise Verticals Activity Monitor: Healthcare

Informa’s Enterprise Verticals Activity Monitor (EVAM) is a proprietary scorecard that ranks operators and operator groups by public information about their activity in a particular vertical, in this case healthcare. The ranking is calculated from three inputs: market presence; financial status; and geographic reach.

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