BroadSoft and Dialog Telecom DialNet Masters Xtended Contest Challenges Students to Develop Applications

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Secondary and high school students provide concepts for consumer and enterprise BroadSoft applications development that could enhance Dialog’s services

GAITHERSBURG, MD, March 27, 2012 – BroadSoft, Inc. (NASDAQ: BSFT) today announced that Dialog Telecom/Netia Group, one of the largest telecommunications service provider in Poland , recently completed an innovative contest for secondary and high school students to develop voice-enabled communications applications leveraging BroadSoft Xtended™, the firm’s open source development program.

Dialog Telecom offers a full portfolio of communications services (fiber, Internet, voice, IPTV) to business and residential customers throughout Poland, and recently deployed the BroadWorks® voice application platform to further enable the delivery of enhanced communications services to its customers.

Last year, BroadSoft® partnered with Dialog Telecom for the DialNet Masters Internet Knowledge Contest, which attracted more than 40,000 secondary and high school students seeking to showcase their technology savvy. In 2011, to build on growing enthusiasm among participants, DialNet added Masters Xtended, a new contest inviting secondary and high school students to design concepts for an Xtended application that could be used to enhance communications services in either Dialog Telecom’s consumer or enterprise segments.

BroadSoft Xtended is an ecosystem that gives developers the opportunity to reach end-users with their applications and earn ongoing revenues. In addition, BroadSoft’s customer base of global telecommunications service providers can leverage these innovative communications applications to bring greater value to their customers. For the Dialnet Masters Xtended contest, more than 40 new Xtended application concepts for consumers and enterprises were submitted by secondary and high school students, ranging from an application for unified communications integration with social networks to call center plugins and priority voicemail.

“We were truly amazed by the quality and quantity of Xtended applications submitted by secondary and high school students – a testament to their innovation and the fact that BroadSoft Xtended leverages open APIs so the applications can be quickly and easily integrated with BroadWorks-enabled services,” said Marta Pietranik-Pacula, public relations manager, Dialog Telecom. “The contest is an ideal platform to identify and deliver innovative services to our customer base.”

The three winning applications were:

  • (1st Place) Prioritizer – Enables users to proactively prioritize the most important calls to be received for different situations and sends all other calls directly to voicemail based on defined parameters. The application is valuable for users’ important business meetings or vacations.
  • (2nd Place) Social Call Center – A Facebook plugin that enables voice access directly from a business’s Facebook page, with optional profile information that can be passed to a Call Center for quick response times.
  • (3rd Place) iKanteen – An application that integrates with Facebook to provide a directory of local service companies, black lists and birthday notifications.

“Dialog has fully embraced the intent of our Xtended program, utilizing talented developers who leverage our open source environment to create practical communications applications that can benefit their customers,” said Leslie Ferry, vice president of marketing, BroadSoft. “We are truly amazed by the creativity of these high school students, and we hope to partner with Dialog Telecom and Netia Group on similar initiatives in the future.”

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About BroadSoft

BroadSoft provides software that enables mobile, fixed-line and cable service providers to deliver voice and multimedia services over their IP-based networks. The Company’s software, BroadWorks®, enables service providers to provide enterprises and consumers with a range of cloud-based, or hosted, IP multimedia communications, such as hosted IP private branch exchanges, video calling, unified communications, collaboration and converged mobile and fixed-line services.

About Dialog

DIALOG offers fixed line and mobile telecommunication as well as IPTV services. In December 2011 Dialog joined Netia Group, one of the largest and the fastest growing telecommunications operator in Poland, providing comprehensive, integrated and user-friendly on-line solutions.

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