Breakthrough Technology Group Launches Private Cloud Partner Program Enabling Consultants, Systems Integrators, VARs and Agents Now Able to Deliver Secure Cloud Solutions, Offer Tier-1 Data Center, Applications and Services Without Capital Investment

by | May 27, 2015 | Industry News

Breakthrough Techonolgy Group logoBreakthrough Technology Group (BTG), a leading IT and telecommunications solutions provider, today launched a new Private Cloud Partner Program that will allow consultants, systems integrators, solutions providers, resellers and agents to offer cloud solutions and services to Enterprise and Mid Market and Below clientele. For systems integrators and technology consultants, BTG’s Private Cloud Partner Program represents an easy path to launching a proven Managed Services solution. Strategic consultants are able to augment their capabilities set with cloud-based services.

For software providers without the means to deliver a hosted or cloud solution, BTG becomes their infrastructure provider. The partner delivers their respective software as a service to customers, while BTG operates in the background as the single point of contact helping to build a standards-based, repeatable solution.

Through its expansive Private Cloud portfolio, which starts with a Private Cloud Foundation layer for each customer and optional dedicated SaaS-based managed capabilities, BTG can provide a private, secure customized environment to meet customers’ business and audit requirements. 

Coupled with a deep knowledge of telecommunications, BTG provides a true end-to-end offer set. 

Triumphus Managing Partner, Dave Hopson, concurs with Jeff Kaplan’s assessment. “We have worked with BTG for over one year, and as a private cloud partner, we are able to operate as a tier-1 data center and sell services-based software and applications without having to break the bank with a capital investment in infrastructure.”

BTG Private Cloud Solutions are delivered from its AT&T SSAE 16 certified data centers, and benefit from state-of-the-art security and networking infrastructure. Participants in its Private Cloud Partner Program will be able to offer a portfolio of services built to meet the needs of a growing enterprise, which includes a single monitoring platform, single Help Desk, single Portal for all services, and a secure, flexible and redundant infrastructure built in multiple AT&T SSAE16 Certified Data Centers.

“Analysts and industry experts worldwide agree that private cloud offers a tremendous opportunity for solutions providers to mitigate risk and deliver a secure, efficient computing experience,” said Jeff Kaplan, CEO and founder, Breakthrough Technology Group. “Our Private Cloud Partner Program will open new doors for businesses of all sizes and markets by creating supplemental revenue streams, taking their companies to unprecedented heights.”

The company begins each deployment by creating a Virtual Domain, or VDOM for each customer, ensuring complete isolation from the very moment they stand up each customer’s Private Cloud, and extends through any of the services delivered. BTG can deliver Managed Virtual Machines, Managed Applications, Dedicated Messaging Services, and Hosted Virtual Desktops, which represents just a few of the services within its expansive Portfolio.

Of note, is that BTG is one of the foremost Private Cloud providers, and has been AT&T’s top solutions partner for several years.

BTG ( leverages unparalleled industry expertise and advanced technology to empower organizations with the resources to implement the infrastructure best suited to their respective needs. BTG’s Private Cloud solutions represent a first-of its-kind cloud service that marries portability and efficiency in a dynamic, scalable, private and secure architecture.

BTG Private Cloud Partner Program Levels:

Adviser: In this model, the Partner qualifies a customer and initiates a qualified discussion with BTG and the Customer.  BTG contracts with and supports the customer directly and the partner earns a percentage of recurring revenues every month. This is perfect for the firm or individual who wants to earn commissions from cloud based revenue but does not want to assume the billing.

Reseller “Billing Only”: In this model, the partner becomes BTG’s client on behalf of the customer with respect to billing. BTG still performs all work including support responsibilities as BTG, but provides a wholesale price to the partner who then marks up and bills their customer directly. 

Reseller “White Label”: BTG provides a fully white label solution to the partner. This means that everything, from the support portal to answering of phones will be branded as the partner. The partner receives a wholesale rate and bills their customers direct.  This model requires the partner to commit to a minimum monthly spend and up front fees for the white label effort.

Unlike other solutions providers, BTG stands alone as a proven industry leader; the company was honored as AT&T’s top revenue-producing solutions provider for three of the past five years, and has achieved Green-IT Certification through the MSPAlliance (, the International Association of Managed Service Providers.

For additional information on the Private Cloud Partner Program, please contact BTG at