BE-Networks and IT4Kids opens doors for kids in sports, ASCDI Podcast

by | Oct 11, 2022 | Blog, Member News, Podcast

IT4Kids is a fundraising charity that raises cash to help children engage in sports. They help children who have either been left out of sports by physical disability or by a lack of money acting as a barrier to enter a sport. Jordy Kool of IT4Kids discusses how this unique charity works. We learn that as companies send equipment that they seek to dispose of or take out of use, they, as donors, have a major measure of control over where the money will ultimately go, within the overall objective of helping children join a sport of their choice, that finances or a physical issue has been a barrier to entry. IT4Kids raises money in a variety of ways, but equipment coming out of use is a major source.

ASCDI member BE-Networks is a major supporter of IT4Kids. In this podcast, Martijn Kamerman of BE-Networks discusses how his company backs up the program and why he feels this has been a life changing charity for many children. BE-Networks is a global company, with asset delivery services and products on several continents.

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